What’s New at Advanced Web Ranking? (March 2024)

Apr 3, 2024


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It’s spring again - the weather is getting warmer, flowers begin to bloom...and not only flowers but also the features in Advanced Web Ranking :) We've got a new SERP feature available for tracking, some pretty neat Ranking Distribution improvements, and an additional Activity log category.

So let’s get right into it – use the sidebar on the right to jump to a particular update.

New SERP Feature: Aggregator Units

Available for users in the European Economic Area (EEA), these dynamic carousels are filled with information from aggregator websites covering a wide range of topics like travel, places, flights, jobs, and products. Their goal is to make users' search experience even more enjoyable and efficient by presenting a carefully selected array of aggregator results directly within the search results pages.

To identify which of your keywords trigger Aggregator units, access the SERP Features filter -> SERP Features group.

New SERP Feature: Aggregator Units

Ranking Distribution Improvements

Now, you can easily track the movement of your keywords between distribution segments across ranking updates in the Ranking-Distribution

Simply click on the keywords' count within each rankings interval, and a new modal window will reveal the buckets' details grouped in two categories: Inbound and Outbound keywords.

Ranking Distribution Improvements

While the Inbound category displays the keywords entered in the selected bucket or the ones that moved into it from other position ranges, the Outbound tab will show you all the keywords that used to belong to a certain distribution bucket but have now shifted away from it.

A New Activity Log Category

The Activity log has been upgraded with a new category (Account settings). Here, you'll find information about the changes made to your subscription (when paused, cancelled, or resumed), as well as details on the reset actions made to the API token*.

Advanced Web Ranbking, A New Activity Log Category

​*the Developer API feature is available for all types of Yearly plans and, for monthly subscriptions, starting with Agency and higher.

And that’s pretty much it for March! :)

Want to be up-to-date with all the new features and improvements that we add? Make sure to follow our Product Updates collection.

And of course, please reach out if you have any feedback on this. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Have you checked the best of AWR in 2023 already? :)

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Dan Popa

Dan Popa is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. He is passionate about both Online and Offline Marketing and he's always looking for new ways of applying the basic principles of marketing in the fast-evolving SEO field. He's always in the mood to chat about new creative ideas for campaigns, so you can find him on Twitter.

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