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Aleyda Solis


AWR is my go to rank tracker! It doesn't only allow me to track positions in mobile and desktop daily for my clients sites and competitors, but provides a comprehensive vision of the site SERP visibility share over time, allowing to track from SERP features, pixel positioning, not only vs. your direct competitors but your market share vs. any other player ranking for the same queries; it also integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, allowing you to assess the impact of rankings on your own site traffic, it's so useful!

Richard Baxter


Advanced Web Ranking has been at the core of my rankings data collection process for a very long time. The reason why I use it / recommend it, is because it's the best!

Aaron Wall


AWR is a top notch product used by many of the members here at SeoBook, including myself. As a full-featured SEO software, it's at the top of my list.

Dave Davies

Well I am happy to say that I am won over by your software. It is absolutely phenomenal and is priced such that it's affordable not just for SEOs but also for the small business owner who's trying to "go it alone" in optimizing their own sites. It provides a large number of advantages over WebPosition Gold including some fantastic customizable reports that are head-and-shoulders above those WP offers.

Ian Lloyd

SEO Team Manager,

The Ranking software that Advanced Web Ranking supply has enabled us to track 1000s of phrases every day in a controlled stable software environment, enabling us to collate large amounts of data to track successes for clients. The software also enables us to track changes to Google's algorithms across industries as they happen, which is a powerful tool for us to react to an ever changing environment.

Ian Lurie

Founder & CEO,

Advanced Web Ranking continues to be the industry standard SEO performance tracking. Their toolset goes far beyond simple rank tracking, integrating site performance and social media. That integration, plus their customizable reports and networking capabilities, makes AWR one of my favorite analytics tools.

Jarret J. Austin


We've been using your product for quite some time and are extremely pleased with it. We are particularly impressed with the frequency of new releases and positive changes these new releases incorporate. This is by far the best search engine ranking product on the market!

Martin MacDonald


I've used AWR obsessively now for years, simply put: the best rank tracking software by miles. Nothing else comes close.

Joe Griffin


Advanced Web Ranking is the most advanced ranking report software on the market. Having been a strong player in the search market for nearly 10 years we have bought and tested nearly every program on the market. AWR is the fastest, most accurate and flexible tool we've found. We use it almost exclusively for our client roster of over 300. I highly recommend AWR, they have a great product and excellent customer service.

Kate Bell

SEO Manager,

Our company is truly multinational with operations and local language sites in over 40 countries. Advanced Web Ranking lets me track our positioning on local versions of all engines, giving me a much more accurate measure of our positioning in each market. This software is a necessity for anyone working on multinational site. And if that weren't enough, the support team is astoundingly responsive. They often answer questions faster than my own colleagues!

Kevin Eichelberger

Founder & CEO,

Advanced Web Ranking is our primary tool used to track keyphrase rankings across multiple websites (projects) and report those rankings weekly to our clients automatically. This tool is a timesaver and a valuable tool in our SEO arsenal.

Mark Siegel

Managing Director,

My company purchased AWR as an end user over 1 year ago and it has been an invaluable tool to monitor and track our performance on all major search engines. Your product has been so effective that we now rank in the top 5 on over 100 search terms. This has resulted n more than 3x growth in traffic. This has lead to a corresponding more than 3x growth in sales volume, which makes the AWR product the best ROI that we have made in this field. Congratulations to you and your team for this excellent product and the excellent ongoing support. Please feel free to let any of your perspective clients contact me directly anytime to discuss your products.

Wiep Knol


With an easy, intuitive user interface and offering reliable results, Advanced Web Ranking is the best rank tracking software I've ever used.

Simone Paganini

We are in the Search Marketing industry since 1997 and so far we have tested almost all the ranking software out there, till we met Advanced Web Ranking by Caphyon. It has everything that a professional search engine marketer needs to do its job in a professional way and it's constantly improving. These guys have really done a great job. In other words, if you want to work as a search engine optimizer or as a search engine marketer, AWR is your friend.

Talita Kindermann

Production Manager,

Congratulations on a GREAT product - it's so incredibly straight-forward, useful and powerful. This is hands down the best SEO ranking software available. It has given our SEO services a new edge - our customers love the ranking reports!

Tom Dahm


I have to tell you guys how pleased I am with your software. The Rank Evolution report makes it easy to see trends and listing changes I might otherwise have missed. Simply put, your software helps me do my job better. It stands head and shoulders above Web Position Gold, and you can quote me on that.

Todd Malicoat


There are hundreds of rank checking software packages available, but AWR gives you what you need. I've used it myself for years, and they continue to improve the functionality year after year.

Trevor Walter

Your software is incredible!! I have been marketing websites for most of 10 years and in that time, I have used a lot of different programs but yours by far out performs the competition. I started using Advanced Web Ranking about 6 months ago after I found out that the previous and supposed "top rated" reporting software was not actually doing algorithm updates like they claimed. Well, I don't have to worry about that with yours, I am notified every time an update happens – what a blessing that is. Thank you for such a great keyword reporting / search engine analysis tool – it sure makes my life easier!

Andrea Moro

Growth Hacker,

Search engine optimization is a service that most of the consumers don't understand. They believe it's a dark science, but as a matter of fact it is not. It a job like any other where a good dose of preparation, passion and understanding are required to make sure the necessary changes can be done in order to make a site more prominent and relevant to both consumers and search engines. Also, SEO requires good tools. I've been working with Advanced Web Ranking since 2002, pretty much when I commenced offering SEO to my customers, and I immediately saw its potentiality. The tool evolved over the course of the years, offering new functionalities at each single release. Although it's not perfect, it's still one of the best desktop based software I can recommend.‍

Dev Basu

It is rare to find ranking software that works consistently and most importantly, accurately reports rankings. We've used Advanced Web Ranking for over 100+ active client projects and continue to use it on a daily basis.The search engine analysis features and integration with toolsets such as SEOmoz and Google Analytics are a huge bonus feature, expanding the use of Advanced Web Ranking well beyond rank tracking and reporting. Highly recommended.‍

Keith Paulin

Group General Manager,

Just wanted to say thanks heaps for the most recent updates to AWR's functionality. We have been using Advanced Web Ranking Pro and Enterprise Editions since 2005 and all our Business Analysts use your software every day. No other product out there that we have trialed (and we have tried them all) has been as solid, intuitive and well maintained as Advanced Web Ranking. Keep those updates coming!‍

Guillermo Vilarroig

For us it's impossible to control all our client's rankings without Advanced Web Ranking. We value the continuous improvements in new and better versions, the fresh search engine database, as well as the schedules options and export capabilities. Not to mention the integration with Google Analytics, SEOmoz and social networks, all with a fast and agile high level support. Good job guys.

Matthew Forzan

Director of SEO,

AWR is the most user-friendly and accurate ranking software we've ever used. The software is robust and reliable and has run without fail the past 3 years we've been using it. The constant updates, support and ease of integration with our internal systems and CRM put it head and shoulders above the rest.

Eric Vialette

As an SEO specialist with 10 years experience, I'm glad to say that I have been extremely pleased with Advanced Web Ranking ever since I started using it 5 years ago, back in 2008. In fact, this service reached perfection in every way! The detailed reports provided by Advanced Web Ranking are simply perfect, easy to understand and to analyze. Therefore Advanced Web Ranking is my ideal SEO software for tracking my position on the web and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to facilitate his life. You will not regret it!

Jeremy Biberdorf

After over 12 years of doing SEO work, I'm always on the look out for software that can make my job easier and streamline tasks. At my current position I was lucky enough to get access to Advanced Web Ranking software. The amount of time it has saved me is priceless. I've only scratched the surface by using the search engine rankings checking module, but I am extremely impressed with this software so far. It's definitely well thought out software that has been perfected over the years. Highly recommended!

Johan Sundblom

SEO Manager,

Being in a very competitive industry it is crucial to have a rank tracking tool that is easy to use and most of all reliable. After a thorough testing period we decided to go with the AWR rank tracker because of these reasons. Another big advantage of this tool is the AMAZING support that are both fast and very accurate in the answers. Highly recommended to any SEO in need of a user friendly and reliable tool with great support.

Michael Cropper

Founder & Managing Director,

Having used Advanced Web Ranking for years, I couldn't imagine working without it. In the age of (not provided), keyword rankings are a key piece of data that can help track results at the micro level. If you are looking for a tool to track keyword rankings, then I would always recommend Advanced Web Ranking for the flexibility and accuracy it brings. When working with multinational clients, the ability to be able to track local rankings is essential, Advanced Web Ranking is unrivalled in this area and allows you to see the data you need. In addition, the support received from staff is exceptional and always very helpful. Advanced Web Ranking is always our go-to tool for accurately tracking keyword rankings.

Valerie Mohler

Operations & Customer Support,

Advanced Web Ranking was an absolutely invaluable tool that helped ensure we did not lose any ranking during our recent website migration. Going forward, it helps us keep a close eye on how our rankings are maintained or improved as we continue to build out our new site.‍

Bill Sebald

Advanced Web Ranking has been one of my staple tools for several years, and not just for web rankings. The ability to research, pull, and append keyword data en masse is pretty spectacular as well. It's a very thought out, powerful SEO tool for lovers of SERP-related data.

Jonas Aagreen

Senior SEO Manager,

Advanced Web Ranking is by far the best ranking software, nothing else comes close. I have used to AWR software since version 3.8 and it just keeps getting better and better. When operating in small Scandinavian markets like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Advanced Web Ranking out-performs any other ranking tool. Data is stored locally - no third party sharing. AWR support is out-standing and fast! I am confident that we'll be using the tool for many years to come.

Bob Samii

Group Director Marketing,

We have tried and tested many different ranking tools in the market and I am very impressed with the online version of Advanced Web Ranking. It's intuitive, easy to use, and gives our team access to reliable results across many different local markets. A must for any SEO professional.‍

Mike Roberts

Proprietor / Team Leader,

Tracking clients' keywords in the SERPS is an important part of any SEO's job. We needed a solution which would allow us to not only track multiple keywords but monitor progress and automatically present this information to our clients in a way which was easy for them to understand. We chose AWR as it allows us to manage an unlimited number of website projects and keywords, aside from rank tracking features they also offer branding options so we can customise reports to display our own company domain and logos. AWR has become a vital asset to our business.

Ebrar Khan

SEO Consultant,

As an SEO Consultant I have tried and tested many tools but there is no comparison to AWR. The amount of time it has saved me and my clients so far is priceless. Ranking accuracy, customisation of reports, clean and user-friendly interface. Highly recommended tool if you are looking to save time and focus on other aspect of business.

Adrian Willings

Online Marketing Executive,

AWR is an essential part of our toolbox when it comes to monthly reports - streamlining an otherwise manual task and giving accurate results when we need them. There's also a wealth of other data easily accessible in the cloud which means you can happily access it during a client meeting when you're away from your desk.

Lee Thomas

Director/ Head of Search,

AWR has been a pivotal part of our reporting relationship with our clients for more than 2 years now. They have exceeded our expectations in the quality of product, as well as their customer service. Any time we have had an issue they have dealt with it vigilantly and professionally. We would highly recommend them to any agency in the Digital sector.

Andrew Tonks

MD Performance&Analytics,

As part of an agency that's truly built on data and relies on hard numbers to provide insights and solutions for their customers, AWR has been able to give us the full picture on rank tracking across our 30+ SEO accounts including some major international and regional brands. We at RBBi have been using AWR platform since 2014, and are extremely impressed at the depth, reach, and level of attention provided by the tool. We've also had some custom requests in the past for data in specific Middle Eastern markets which AWR fulfilled, increasing our trust in them even more. We would recommend this tool!!

Adam Grist

Founder & CEO,

We have been using AWR for 2 years now for agency clients and our own in-house startups. Being able to track visibility in target markets has become an invaluable measurement and reporting tool for us, allowing greater transparency between the SEO team and client marketing departments. The additional developments throughout our time using the software have also been impressive, taking AWR forward from simply being a rank tracking tool. It’s also extremely easy to use and configure. The team offer fantastic support from billing to technical queries, we have been very impressed any time we have got in touch with them and we do not hesitate when recommending to fellow marketers.

Wieger van Laer

Online Marketing Manager,

For nearly two years AWR has been an essential tool for our daily operations. It's easy in use and shows the performance of thousands of keywords in a clear way. We use AWR for tracking and monitoring of our own websites and to find new market opportunities. Simply a necessary tool for every data-driven SEO department.

Serdar Usta

Digital Director,

As an old time Advanced Web Ranking user, we are absolutely amazed by AWR's accurate search rankings and reporting abilities. With this tool, we discover many new keywords and new organic search opportunities for our daily SEO work. A must have tool for all digital marketers.

James Norquay

SEO & Content Marketing Director,

We have been using AWR for many years to track rankings at scale. The product is great and the customer support is top notch. I recommended the tool to numerous companies in the Australian & US markets who are looking for a great rank tracker.

Alexander Atanasov

SEO Manager,

We started using Advanced Web Ranking about 14 months ago after trying several other tools and we’re extremely pleased with it. We needed a tool to track the performance of thousands of keywords every week and AWR exceeded our expectations. We started on Pro plan and upgraded to the Agency version a few months later. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a volume keyword tracking tool.

Andres Westfield

SEO Manager,

We are very happy with AWR and see continuous improvements and new functions to an already great product. With this tool you will quickly get a great overview of the most important SEO-factors. From there you can go into more details and find out important keywords, track your rankings and other useful information. There is also a great functionality to create reports in different formats for your clients. We highly recommend this tool to anyone that is serious about SEO.

Terence Lim


We have been a loyal customer of AWR since year 2014. As a SEO agency focusing on the South East Asia market, the software allows us to choose specific countries as search engines. It even allows us to add Chinese keywords. Auditor is another powerful feature that add value to our clients. It crawls throughout the website to find out critical and minor errors. In short, if you're serious about SEO, this is the right tool for you.

Arvid Lundgren

SEO Manager,

I'm a big fan of Advanced Web Ranking and I have been using it since 2009. The last years I'm a Daily user of AWR and use it to track multiple sites. The graphic interface is great and easy to use. The reporting module is really good too. I can definitely recommend people doing SEO AWR for their position tracking and SEO analysis.‍

Alexander Hansson

Editor & SEO specialist,

For several months I have searched for a reliable tool that I can use for my SEO projects, but I always stumbled upon either lower accuracy or limited updated information. I discovered AWR a few months back and I have to admit, it meets my requirements. My entire team has been pleased with this SEO tool due to the updated information regarding rankings and keyword position. It also makes it easier for me to keep track of different domains at the same time. Another feature that I appreciate is the Blog section. It turned into a morning routine for me to take my dose of SEO changes from their articles.

Corina Burri

Marketing Lead,

At Ofri, we're using Advanced Web Ranking since a year now. We are really happy with the product. The user interface is very intuitive and I especially like that it is a scalable solution as it has unlimited keyword capacity.

Mathieu Chapon

Advanced Web Ranking brings together for us all the criteria of an excellent tool: A large list of search engines around the world, the possibility to share it with collaborators as well as customers with automatic sending, intuitive ergonomics, customizable dashboards and price. We recommend it to anyone looking for a tracking tool.‍

Rune Lusica Jørgensen

SEO Specialist,

AWR is truly a great tool. We have been using it for almost six years now. It's one of the most accurate and powerful ranking tools we have ever used. Besides keyword and website rank tracking, it also offers other useful features and data like visibility score metrics, website comparison analysis and integration with Google Analytics.

William Hollingworth

Marketing Web Manager & SEO Lead,

AWR has been a core tool for Nordnet when it comes to SEO. We have been using it during our four site migrations and it has given us very important insights and showing that we didn’t lose any keyword rankings for important areas and products.

Kieran Hobson

The AWR ranking tool has allowed us to take our SEO reporting to the next level. Previously we were reporting on keyword rankings for our FGC sites, but we wanted to get more insights into our organic performance and drill down into the data even more. AWR’s API allowed us to track and compare our site’s visibility across our core categories for contact lenses. This was crucial as we wanted to see our categories visibility in organic search alongside other competing sites, so we could identify which are our strongest categories in terms of visibility, and which ones are potentially impacting the total visibility.

Michael Wall


We've used AWR since it was a desktop package and think it's a fantastic SEO tool, one of the few paid SEO software tools worth it's weight in gold. For any freelancer or agency running SEO campaigns for clients it's a must have.

Thomas Kloos


We've been using AWR for over 8 years and still haven't seen an alternative that comes even close to it. We're an agency with dozens of clients, many of them with international websites covering multiple markets and languages. AWR allows us to set up specific tracking for each of those ccTLDs in the respective language, geo-location and search engine. No other rank checker can cover that kind of volume without becoming outrageously expensive. And most importantly: the data we get is highly accurate. AWR is a must-have tool for anybody working with multinational, multilingual websites.

Chris Sears


Launch North has tried many different digital marketing tools in the past, and we have found Advanced Web Rankings to be one of the easiest and most comprehensive tools on the market. As a growing digital agency, we have to be on top of our client's rankings and have been surprised by the accuracy of your reports compared to others. We highly recommend AWR to any serious agency wanting a competitive advantage.‍

Darren Kingman


I've been using AWR for the majority of my SEO career and it was one of the first platforms I purchased the moment I set Root up in 2018. We now use it as the primary keyword tracking tool for all of our clients across the world. It's pretty much the perfect tool for this purpose. It can scale with us, along with our clients, meaning more keywords and locations, as well as giving us not only client rankings but specific competitors and the top 50 ranking URLs in all SERPs. Separately, for local clients, we can customize searches from particular locations, down to a city and even postcode/zip code level, which provides clear and more actionable data because it's more meaningful.

Chris Ashton

SEO Manager,

Having tried other tools in the past, we decided to test AWR's desktop version and loved it. Around 18 months ago and migrated to the online version as our team and client list grew. A simple user interface with more advanced options if we need them and 24/7 access from any web browser. All of this combined with the ability to whitelabel means we can offer this to our clients as well, saving us a lot of time and effort every week as they can view and export their own data whenever they like. It really is a must-have application for any serious agency and well worth the money.

Catherine Dix

SEO Account Director,

Your rankings service is a fantastic resource for our team and also for our clients. It is not only reliable but easy to use and the continued innovation with reporting and insights is excellent. Thanks again for all your hard work, and quick support whenever we need.

Allen Lam

Being based in the Asian market we badly needed a solution where we could check rankings across several search engines to analyse our rankings in the search engine most commonly used by that country. Having access to using Baidu for China, Search India for India, 9Sites for Indonesia, Empas for Korea and several others, we are delighted to be able to keep on top of our rankings for a multi-language and multi-cultural website. Also, with the top staff at AWR, particularly Robert, we are always confident of any problems being sorted instantly and can learn more about what the product has to offer. The refreshing thing about their staff is their ability to use AWR at an expert level and not just be a sales team.

Daniel Tannenbaum

Head of SEO,

AWR is the most important of all the SEO tools that we use and we don't know what we'd do without it. Looking after dozens of SEO accounts, we are able to get a full overview of how our clients are performing and can access the data very easily. The service is very reasonably priced, simple to use and I love being able to send reports to our clients on a daily basis.

James Spittal

Founder & CEO,

Having tested all of the other rank tracking solutions out there, we found that AWR is by far the most accurate. For this reason, we use AWR exclusively at our agency for all ranking data and I can't recommend it enough.

Tom Sadler

Sales & Marketing Director,

As an SEO agency Indago Digital requires an accurate and robust rank checking solution. AWR is without doubt the best available on the market. It forms an essential part of our internal process whether for pitching new business or monitoring current clients. I cannot recommend AWR highly enough.

Shane Dickinson


AWR is my go to rank tracker! It doesn't only allow me to track positions in mobile and desktop daily for my clients sites and competitors, but provides a comprehensive vision of the site SERP visibility share over time, allowing to track from SERP features, pixel positioning, not only vs. your direct competitors but your market share vs. any other player ranking for the same queries;

Flo Bejgu

SEO Manager,

We've been using AWR for the last 2 years and have been extremely happy with it. Before that, we evaluated a few other tools (including the much acclaimed Moz Rank Tracker) and found AWR to be the most accurate and flexible. Because we operate in a very competitive niche, we need to track keywords 10-20 pages down to see the trends and we are happy that AWR enables us to do just that!

Jan-Willem Bobbink

During the past years, the only tool I have used for every SEO project is Advanced Web Ranking. Due to the ability to scale to 10.000 of keywords a day in multiple search engines and specific languages or devices, this is a one-of-a-kind product. It gives me the flexibility and consistent data quality I need to do my job for a broad range of international clients. If I want proper data, this is the tool I go with.

Daniel Foley

Advanced Web Ranking has been an integral part of our business. Using the professional and comprehensive array of tools and features, we have been able to provide clients with round the clock, up to date ranking reports that provide valuable insights. Our clients are happy knowing that we can report on competitor performance as part of their rank tracking and to use that data in ongoing marketing strategies. We highly recommend AWR, not just for its features but also for a fantastic support team and frequent updates / performance enhancements.

Sebastian Pertosi

SEO Specialist,

AWR has been instrumental in allowing us to monitor our rankings across multiple search engines, which is important as our website users are from all over the world. The interface is simple to use, yet extremely powerful. An excellent product, and is matched with exceptional customer service. Highly recommended!

Radu Plugaru


AWR is by far the SEO tool we use most often. Besides an excellent and intuitive user interface it has nice features such us custom search engines, the possibility to perform a scheduled website audit and informative reports.

Kyle Sanders

Head of Search,

We'd been using another platform for rank tracking for years and wanted something more robust. After testing nearly every tool on the market, we went with AWR; the decision was easy. The ability to add localization to rank tracking has been a huge win across the board and the auditing tool makes identifying technical issues a breeze. For our agency, AWR is indispensable and I can't believe we didn't switch sooner.

Jake Bohall

Most web rankings platforms have limited features and unreliable data... but Advanced Web Ranking is not "most". Over many years, we continue to be impressed with their dependable rankings services, as well as the competitor research and diverse set of search engines we can track across for our international clients.

David Bobis

Digital Marketing Director,

We had been looking for a reliable and scalable rank tracking tool for months until we found AWR. I love the way AWR does daily rank tracking for keywords per country the keywords are in (which is very useful as I'm based in Australia). As we use AWR, the team and I are also able to access the reports from anywhere, and can also produce great looking reports. AWR is the most reliable rank tracking tool we've tested. Thanks guys!

Ian Creaser

Founder & CEO,

SEO Web Logistics have been using AWR for 3 years now, and I have used it with previous companies as well. AWR is by far the best ranking program that we have come across. Detailed reporting allows us to provide our clients with clear and precise data that is easy to explain. There really is not anything out there quite like it. Highly recommended.

Shahin Fard


Having reliable data is one of the key attributes our clients look for from us. Accurately tracking our client's visibility on search engines allow us to provide meaningful data. Search engine visibility is a core KPI to measure SEO success. With the use of Advanced Web Ranking, we are able to track the presence of our clients in any search engines, on any keywords in any country in the world. Thank you for a great service, and we look forward to using AWR going forward.

Cameron Bryant


AWR is the most used SEO tool in our business. Clients love that they can benchmark themselves against competitors by using the visibility report, and we love the easy export of rankings, allowing easy integration with our reporting. The ability to add or remove keywords and search engines is incredibly easy and useful. I'd highly recommend AWR to anyone looking for a keyword tracking solution for their business or clients.

Mikula Beutl


I have been using AWR since it's release and have been most satisfied with the ability to be able to choose the location really precise, since i operate 9 languages for with several countries, i have to say that the job they have done is outstanding, I also love contributing with my personal feedback to make the platform even better.

Alex E. DiSebastian

Internet Marketing Director,

Advanced Web Ranking allows us to review and send out 100+ monthly reports to a variety of clients. We have been using the product for years now, and will continue using it as our client base grows. AWR is a valuable application, allowing us to track SEO rankings on both a local and organic level. We value what goes into this product as the team at AWR continues to improve performance year after year.

Philip Shaw


As an SEO agency we love AWR and find it to be one of the most accurate and user-friendly tools we've tried - and we've tried a lot! It's intuitive, well-structured and incredibly quick to learn and use - which is impressive seeing as it's so comprehensive. The easy customizations and myriad additional features make it our go-to for performance tracking and analysis.

Jonathan Jones

Organic Performance Strategist,

MoneySuperMarket is the leading price comparison website in the UK, so finding the right platform with the right support was essential for us. AWR has helped us at every stage, whether that was through importing our keyword sets or importing our historic data spanning back to 2011. Their feature rich platform and support team have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Terry Burrows

Head of Search Marketing

We have been a loyal customer of Advanced Web Ranking since 2013 and I can honestly say it is by far the best piece of software we have used to track and monitor keyword data. AWR is a top, top product and we will be continuing our loyal support of the software for years to come!

Fernando Macia

At Human Level Communications, we have been using Advanced Web Ranking for our SEO reporting for a long time. It is a very reliable and flexible tool that let us measure with confidence large keyword samples on very different search engines around the world. The posibilities of fine-tuning the results, including mobile and universal, makes it an unrivalled solution when it comes to search engine ranking reports. It offers exactly what we demand and what our clients expect.

Craig Broadbent

Head of Natural Search,

Our team has used Advanced Web Ranking for over 8 years now, and no other keyword tracking software has come close in terms of flexibility and functionality at the cost AWR offers. Any time we've needed support it has been quick and helpful, and they listen to our feedback when developing the software further. We use AWR every day for both clients and business development and it's an essential part of our toolset.

For over 7 years, worldwideRiches Website Design and SEO has been using AWR as our primary SEO tool. We have used it to highly rank both our local and organic SEO clients. Plus, the support is second to none. I highly recommend this SEO tool.

Víctor Guerrero

After a long research and testing different tracking tools, we found AWR. The tool is awesome and all our expectations were satisfied. The usability of the web interface, the quality of the data recovered, and the modern look and feel of the platform, make AWR the perfect ranking tool in all SEO projects of our company. Our clients, can check the rankings on their own and receive high-quality reports. AWR is a recommendable tracking tool if you want to know what's happening with your keywords, your competence, and your site on the Internet.

Will Coombe

Our agency has experimented with a hell of a lot of ranking software including Serpfox, TinyRanker & SourceHunter, all of which pale into insignificance against AWR. It's a first class SEO software that our agency, quite frankly, relies on now. Keep up the good work guys!

Hamish Elley-Brown

SEO Specialist,

We use AWR on a daily basis, needless to say we couldn't live without it. It has been an invaluable tool for our SEO employees and the wider business as a whole. What I love the most about AWR is the easy to navigate interface which presents both visual and data driven representations of keyword ranking progress.

Dilyan Grigorov

Founder & CEO,

Advanced Web Ranking is the best SEO tool for measuring search engine visiblity and keyword ranking in the SEO industry at all. It gives you the fantastic option to compare your website performance to the overall characteristics of the business vertical your business exists in. It’s user friendly and intuitive. It’s the first tool I use every day and it saves me a lot of time, especially when I prepare monthly reports for my clients. It’s stable and accurate! Highly recommend it!

David Soffer

AWR is quite possibly the most effective SEO measurement tool ever created. For an SEO agency, freelancer or someone in-house, this is a reporting dream.

Nick Garner

We've been using your product for quite some time and are extremely pleased with it. We are particularly impressed with the frequency of new releases and positive changes these new releases incorporate. This is by far the best search engine ranking product on the market!

Christian Goodrichstin

Senior Front-End Developer & SEO,

Just want to say what a brilliant product you've created in AWR. We're really happy with it, as well your proactive approach towards upgrades, improvements and customer service, so thank you!

John Stirzaker

AWR allows us to make key SEO business decisions based on data. It has allowed us to spot issues quickly and has helped us identify and fix numerous algorithmic penalties. It really is the best rank tracking software on the market and so much more besides. Highly recommended.

Sven Behring

Content and Link Development SEO Manager,

AWR is an important part of our daily work. With AWR we have found a software, which allows us to safely generate and deliver the reports to our customers. The software also makes it possible to customize the reports individually and quickly.

Ricard Menor

AWR is the spine of our SEO campaigns and monthly growth, both us and our clients. Our long time experience using AWR together with the time saving boost given by Trusted Proxies allows us to track a massive amount of data and bulk it into an actionable plan. We are glad to contribute as much as we can to the development and maintenance of this great tool, because it is not only a software matter, support team is within best I've seen through all my professional experience. AWR is worth to the last cent!

Wilfredo Rojas

Personally, I consider AWR an essential and useful tool for our SEO and Digital Marketing jobs. We conveniently manage the weaknesses that we present to make the necessary changes and rank in Google faster and more efficiently and also is multilingual, what more can we ask? A tool that every SEO needs.

Gerard Manning

I've been using Advanced Web Ranking since May 2014 and started off with the desktop version and have since migrated to the cloud with their online version. Their services makes my day to day job a lot easier with everything in the cloud. Very reliable data for what I'm looking for with clients on a local basis, and support has always been top notch which is very important for myself.‍

Daniel Stensiö

The functionality and user experience of AWR is second to none and we have never had to regret the decision to become a customer. All the data that we need in order to accomplish our goals is easy to find and dig deeper into - no other competitor that we have tested even comes close. We are and will remain happy customers to Advanced Web Ranking.

Rhydian Ball

Digital Marketing Executive,

After experiencing problems with another rank tracking SAS we decided to turn to AWR for help. The set up process was seamless without the loss of any data. The customer support and technical teams at AWR do a great job to make things easier. AWR makes light work of the 100's of different keywords we have to track across the country with its easy to navigate interface and reporting options. As a small team, using AWR allows us to stay on track and one step ahead of our competitors. We would recommend AWR to any digital marketing team.

Alex Chapman

Head of SEO,

Most rank tracking tools will only provide details on how keywords are ranking from a country specific level, for example (Google Australia). Knowing how vital it is to track keywords at a local level (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne), we sought after a tool that had capabilities in place which would enable us to do this, helping us provide clients with an accurate reflection of how well they ranked at a local level. After trying a variety of different tools we found that AWR was by far the most flexible and accurate tool. In addition to AWR’s excellent rank tracking, the ability to white label the product and provide access to our clients has enabled us to provide full transparency to our clients and help us save time on keyword reporting. I cannot recommend this tool highly enough!

Elias Bülow

Business Developer,

This product is super amazing. There are literally no other products that offer what AWR does, in such simple way. We find it easy to work with, incredibly accurate and a lifesaver when you have many different domains to keep track on. Highly recommended!

Korey Kashmer

I used to have the desktop version and love the fact that it's in the Cloud now, so I don't have to worry about when to crawl sites now because of the office network utilization. I knew that the old desktop program works and that brought me to try AWR. But at that point, i didn't know if I would be dealing with the same limitations that were present there. Again, mostly because of leveraging in office networks. With the new Cloud Version, I found everything to be streamlined. Run a report and forget about it. You'll get an email when it's done.I'd say that the three biggest benefits of AWR for me are: 1. It's cloud based. Again, i can't stress the benefits of cloud over desktop because of network utilization, which saves you time. 2. Weekly vs Daily running. I love this feature, especially because it reduces usage which in turn allows more usage of each plan. This is a great customization for smaller clients that don't need the daily checkup. 3. I love the ability to graph multiple keywords on the same axis. This provides further insight into changes that may have taken place page wide vs site wide. I would definitely recommend any serious SEO Agency give AWR a shot. I've been very happy with AWR and will continue to use it in the future. It's very adaptable as your agency grows.

Sara Nilsson

Digital Marketing Manager,

We have been using AWR for over a year now and I like how simple and straight-forward this tool is. Although we only operate in the Nordic market, we found it very easy and efficient to add Swedish keywords and use specific search engines.Makes our job much easier by detecting any small error that needs attention. I highly recommend it for those working with SEO, either novice or specialists.

Itamar Blauer

SEO Consultant,

AWR have the best rank tracking software. It identifies where the current keyword rankings are and provides detailed metrics that help decide on specific keywords to target.The tool itself is great, and so is the support. Any questions I've had were promptly addressed by the support team - who are doing a wonderful job!

Alexander Rus

Founder & CEO,

Specialization always pays off, also in the case of Advanced Web Ranking. If you have a variety of SEO campaigns, for example some focusing on organic and others on local search, this is the rank tracking tool for you. In my opinion there is no alternative if you have complex setups with different countries, locations, search engines and other requirements like we have in the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Compared to other tools the data is robust and dependable. Exactly what you need if you report to professionals. I simply love all the options to create just the perfect reporting for a specific client.

Anthony Ankers


For eight years now, we have been using AWR for agency accounts and our in-house projects. It is an immensely valuable measuring and monitoring tool for us to be able to grow our clients' visibility. As a long-standing user of Advanced Web Ranking, we are simply amazed at AWR's reliable search ranking and reporting capabilities. With this tool, we're discovering so many new keywords and new possibilities for our SEO strategies. To all digital marketers, this is a must-have for your toolbox!

Marcus Sandstrom


AWR is a great SEO tool and I highly recommended it. If you work with multinational sites AWR is truly great and the support team is super responsive. I used AWR first time back in 2012.

Jasper Bosman

SEO Marketeer,

AWR is by far the most used tool in our SEO team, due to its reliable ranking data and in-depth insights. Thanks to AWR we can optimize our websites to the fullest. We would actively recommend other companies to start using it, also because it has a solid API available.

Jason McMahon

Director of Strategy,

Advanced Web Ranking helps my team at Bambrick to track our client's performance in SERPs with ultimate accuracy! Which helps us in turn, to present the most up to date and correct data to our clients. AWR has to be one of my favourite analytics tools by far!

Matt Wright

Freelance SEO,

I've used AWR for years now, and it's a breath of fresh air. The rankings are accurate, the data insights are spot-on, and the support has been timely. I recommend AWR to all clients and partners - without fail.‍

Josephine Melvin

Senior SEO Specialist,

This will be the 7th year that we are using AWR and it is so crucial to our business and what we do. Our clients love it and they enjoy receiving daily or weekly reports, but what I like most is that AWR are always good at communicating any updates and they are always improving their product and adding cool new features.

Paul Roger

Senior Online Marketing Strategist,

We started using Advanced Web Ranking just over a year ago, after previously trying out lots of other providers. We would definitely recommend using Advanced Web Ranking as it's reliable, it allows you to run reports whenever you need them, it provides lots of customization options and it's able to deal with large projects.