Why choose AWR?

• Reliable
• Feature Rich
• Great for teams
• 30 days money back guarantee
• Used by many brands in the industry

Accurate Rankings

Accurate rankings you can count on

So accurate, you'll never do a manual check again.

AWR can be your source of truth. Get rankings at a country level, city level, and even for GPS coordinates for street-level accuracy.

Analyze what the SERP anatomy actually looks like from easy-to-pull snapshots.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights for your keywords

AWR gives you insights you can actually use to optimize strategies. Unlike simple ranking tools, it helps you understand why you do or do not rank, so you can make informed decisions.

• See where you rank in SERP features
• Who are your competitors
• Why do they have better Visibility
• Why they have a bigger Market Share

Pitch new clients or retain existing clients with Forecasts of the organic visits, conversions, and revenue.

Make informed decisions fast and go as granular as you like!

Usage-based pricing

Flexible and cost-efficient for your team and clients

You don't need rankings on every site and every keyword daily. So why would we charge you for them?

• Set your rankings frequency to daily, weekly, or custom.

1h updates for on-demand rankings is the freshest way to pitch clients and understand your rankings.

• No fees for additional seats or projects make collaborating and scaling easy.

• Don't pay for all the features you know you won't use.

No bells and whistles. Just transparent pricing that's easy to understand.

Professional reporting

Impress clients with easy-to-build visual reports

Packaging competitor analysis, search intent, or SERP anatomy for clients is time-consuming. AWR's WYSIWYG reports let you make visualizations of fresh rankings and metrics on the fly.

Fully white-label reports to look like your own reporting tool.

Host it on a subdomain on your website.clients and understand your rankings.

• Use the AWR data wherever you want with the API connector or in Google Looker Studio.

• Combine the rankings with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to prove ROI for clients.

Stop worrying about not being recognized as the SEO expert you are. Focus on what really matters for your clients.