What’s New at Advanced Web Ranking? (January 2023)

Feb 15, 2023


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We kicked off 2023 with quite a few Advanced Web Ranking updates to talk about, including the cannibalization filter, the Search Intent KPI, and more.

Let’s get right into it – use the sidebar on the right to jump to a particular update.

Cannibalization Filter

The Cannibalization filter is now available in Advanced Web Ranking. You'll now be able to see the URLs that are ranking for the same keywords and intent, either on a single update date or in time (when Google shifts the relevant URL for a given targeted keyword in SERPs in a specific range).

Advanced Web Ranking, Cannibalization Filter

Search Intent KPI

The KPI design has been updated and a new KPI displaying the purpose behind the search query ('Search intent') has been added in the Ranking-Keywords view.

Advanced Web Ranking, Search Intent KPI

PAA Parsing

The snippet appearing after each People Also Ask result type is now reported by Advanced Web Ranking. The updated reporting mechanism for PAA results will now include the URL, the title (the question), and the meta description

Advanced Web Ranking, People Also Ask Parsing

The PAAs meta decription can be exported directly from the UI using the Top Sites or through the API with the help of the export top sites API call.

Email Notification Templates Upgrade

We've updated a series of email notification templates with a friendlier format of the actions required or of the performance highlights presented. You'll notice the upgraded format for the user invite, account ownership transfer, SSL certificate activation, password reset, permalink notification, and alerts emails

Also, the Ranking Update Overview email format has been updated, displaying a summary of the latest changes. By default, the notifications are disabled ', but you can change this setting from the New project wizard or from the Project’s settings menu.

Advanced Web Ranking, Email Notification Templates Upgrade

And that’s pretty much it for January 2023! 🙂

Want to be up-to-date with all the new features and improvements that we add? Make sure to follow our changelog.

And of course, please reach out if you have any feedback on this. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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