What’s New at Advanced Web Ranking? (September 2023)

Oct 2, 2023


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As the leaves begin to fall, signaling the arrival of autumn, we're thrilled to unveil a harvest of exciting product updates. We have new filtering options available, some pretty cool UI/UX improvements, new partial update options, and more.

So let’s get right into it – use the sidebar on the right to jump to a particular update.

New Filtering Options

Position Filtering Improvements
The Prev. Position and Position Changes filters have been upgraded with shortcuts (such as predefined top X positions, ranked, not ranked, etc.) and you can now combine multiple change types for your filters.

SERP Features KPI Filtering
You'll now be able to filter the data in the SERP Features KPI (available in the Ranking-Keywords view) by the following types: Google SERP Features, Organic SERP Features, and Ads.

Advanced Web Ranking, SERP Features KPI Filtering

UI/UX Improvements

Projects' Dropdown Upgrade
New options are now available in the projects' dropdown:

- You can now find a project by its tag, as well as adjust the search criteria by Website, URL, and Tag.

- The options to delete and duplicate were added for each project in the drop-down (accessible using the 3 vertical dots).

- Infinite scrolling was added to the list of projects.

- The main website's favicon will now be displayed next to each project's name, making the browsing process even smoother.

Advanced Web Ranking, Projects' Dropdown Upgrade

Homescreen Updates
The Homescreen has just been enhanced with some new options:

- The option to sync your Bing Webmaster Tools data with AWR is now available in the Management view.

- You can change the frequency for both your Rankings and Difficulty updates in bulk, in both Homescreen views.

- The charts in the Performance view have been upgraded to a friendlier format.

Advanced Web Ranking, Homescreen Updates

Keyword Statuses
Understanding keyword states where there are no position values has never been easier. With the newly added icons, you'll instantly distinguish between the Not ranked, Not updated, and Update in progress keyword statuses.

Advanced Web Ranking, Keyword Statuses

API Documentation

A new API documentation is now available, making it easier for you to form an API call and providing support for more programming languages (besides PHP and Python).

*the Developer API feature is available for all types of Yearly plans and, for monthly subscriptions, starting with Agency and higher.

Partial Update

The formerly known Rescrape function has been merged with Partial updating. You can now run a partial update to gather fresh rankings for your newly added or existing keywords and/or search engines likewise. 

The Partial Update modal has also been redesigned, displaying the amount of resources to be consumed and offering the option to gather rankings for a single or all search engines.

Advanced Web Ranking,

Wattspeed Realtime User Monitoring

Moreover, Wattspeed has also been updated this week, offering the option to see how visitors interact with your website in real time and to check the CWV metrics in seconds, without having to wait 28 days.

And that’s pretty much it for September! :)

Want to be up-to-date with all the new features and improvements that we add? Make sure to follow our Product Updates collection.

And of course, please reach out if you have any feedback on this. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Make sure to check out the ‘How-to’ series to find out how to get the most out of AWR.

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Dan Popa is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. He is passionate about both Online and Offline Marketing and he's always looking for new ways of applying the basic principles of marketing in the fast-evolving SEO field. He's always in the mood to chat about new creative ideas for campaigns, so you can find him on Twitter.

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