What’s New at Advanced Web Ranking? (March 2023)

Apr 4, 2023


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Spring's here, bringing updates on the alerting system and the search intent export, making it easier to keep your branded keywords neat and tidy, and adding a new SERP feature to the AWR tracking arsenal.

So let’s get right into it – use the sidebar on the right to jump to a particular update.

Branded Keywords Detection

Branded keywords are now being automatically detected and marked as such in Advanced Web Ranking:

- Branded checks will be given a higher priority when new keywords are added to the project, and afterward, the check will be performed monthly.

Advanced Web Ranking, Branded Keywords Detection

- Formerly Branded and Not branded groups became dynamic keyword groups and are being updated both while performing branded keyword checks, and on user interaction (when marking a keyword as branded or not branded). 

Advanced Web Ranking, Branded Keywords Detection

- Once marked as not branded a keyword will no longer be included in the Branded group for future checks.

- Your current preferences on marking particular keywords as branded have been kept and are now part of the new dynamic group.

New SERP Feature: Google Jobs

Designed to help both job seekers and employers, Google's Jobs pack is now available for tracking in Advanced Web Ranking. To identify which of your keywords trigger this type of result, access the SERP Features filter -> SERP Features group. 

Advanced Web Ranking, New SERP Feature, Google Jobs SERP Feature

Alerting System Improvements (SERP Features Trigger)

The Alerting System has just been enhanced with some new options:

- New & Lost features report. The SERP Features - website ranks alert type will report the newly achieved and dropped SERP Features, from one ranking update to another.

Advanced Web Ranking, Alerting System Improvements, SERP Features Trigger

- SERP Features presence report. You'll now be able to spot the changes easier for the SERP Features - feature on SERP alert type since they will be grouped by feature type, each category containing the keywords for which the changes occurred.

Advanced Web Ranking, SERP Features presence report.

- The alert email body and Slack notification were redesigned, to include more insights about the SERP features rankings.

Advanced Web Ranking, Email alert and Slack notification feature

- The Alerts dropdown (the bell icon from the upper-right side of the screen) will display a list of triggered alerts containing the name and the date, and a contextual menu, as well, for easier navigation.

Advanced Web Ranking, Alert dropdown

Search Intent Export via API & FTP

The search intent metrics are now available via API and FTP exports*:

- In the export_ranking API output, you now have the option to add 2 new columns via a specific parameter (addSearchIntent): Search Intent and Previous Search Intent.

- FTP exports containing ranking data will now include 4 new columns (search intent, secondary search intent, previous search intent, and previous secondary search intent). 

The Search intent column will be included by default in all the FTP exports.

Advanced Web Ranking, Search Intent Export via API & FTP

*developer API is available starting with Agency monthly plans and all our yearly subscriptions

And that’s pretty much it for March! 🙂

Want to be up-to-date with all the new features and improvements that we add? Make sure to follow our changelog.

And of course, please reach out if you have any feedback on this. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Make sure to check out the ‘How-to’ series we've just launched to find out how to get the most out of AWR.

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