What’s New at Advanced Web Ranking? (February 2024)

Mar 5, 2024


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Celebrating this leap year, we got an extra day this month to bring even more pretty neat updates to Advanced Web Ranking. We have an additional SERP feature available for tracking, some cool filtering options to boost your productivity, and three brand new Visibility metrics.

So let’s get right into it – use the sidebar on the right to jump to a particular update.

Google Discussions and Forums

​Designed to help you discover firsthand advice from folks who have experience in topics you're interested in, Google's Discussions and forums pack is now available for tracking in Advanced Web Ranking. 

And it received quite a warm welcome from the SEO community:

Advanced Web Ranking, Discussions and forums

Source: Twitter

To identify which of your keywords trigger this type of result, access the SERP Features filter -> SERP Features group.

New Filtering Options

Filter by Changes Options
In a few clicks, you can now uncover all the keywords for which your website shifted page, the ones for which your listing moved from below to above the fold or the other way around, and the ones where the estimated traffic increased or decreased. Besides the option to filter by value, you'll now be able to filter the data by changes, for the Page, Pixel Position, and Estimated Visits metrics.

Advanced Web Ranking Filter by Changes Options

Projects & Resources Filters
A couple of filter options are now available in the Projects and Resources screens to help you make your workflow smoother and optimize your costs. Therefore, you'll now be able to filter your projects by the Ranking update frequency (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Paused) and/or by the Difficulty update frequency (Weekly, Monthly, Paused).

Advanced Web Ranking, Projects & Resources Filters

Visibility Metrics

Three new metrics have been added to the Visibility reports:
- Search Demand (calculated as the total Search Volume of the monitored keywords, this can be useful to estimate the maximum possible traffic for a given set of keywords).
- Total Click Share (helpful to estimate the percentage of traffic a website may receive from organic search for the entire keyword set - as opposed to Click Share metric that takes into consideration only the keywords for which the website is ranked in top 20).
- Local Estimated Visits (offers more accurate traffic estimations for those businesses operating on specific markets, since it's being calculated based on Local Search Volume).

Advanced Web Ranking, Search Demand, Total Click Share, Local Estimated Visits metrics

And that’s pretty much it for February! :)

Want to be up-to-date with all the new features and improvements that we add? Make sure to follow our Product Updates collection.

And of course, please reach out if you have any feedback on this. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Have you checked the best of AWR in 2023 already? :)

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