Updated AWR Metrics and Niche Search Engines Added

Jan 21, 2019


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We're kicking off the new year with a fresh AWR update that includes a new organic CTR Trends report, cool new search engines and a set of metric fine-tunings, that we'll go through in this article.

These updates will impact particular types of AWR users, so make sure to read on if any of these cases apply to you:

  • You’re tracking international businesses in AWR

  • You’re targeting YouTube search engines

  • You’re reporting the ClickShare score and/or forecasting metrics that include it

If none of them apply to you, then you could definitely go on using AWR without noticing anything changed. However, the article is about 5-minute-read, so if you can, it’d be great to go through it and catch up with all these app changes.

Let’s dive in.

Country specific AdWords data for projects targeting multiple countries

In AWR, the AdWords keyword metrics included in ranking reports (Search Volumes, Competition, CPC) were, up until this recent update, gathered according to the project’s country setting.

But while this data retrieval system worked perfect for most rank tracking projects, when multiple countries were tracked in a single project through country-specific search engines, the system would falter. Inevitably AdWords data for these projects would have been accurate only for one of the countries targeted.

With this update though, users monitoring multi-national businesses in singular projects, will enjoy accurate AdWords metrics for all countries tracked.

AdWords data is now gathered for each search engine country settings you have in your project, and is available in reports once you select a country specific SE from the drop-down selector at the top.

advanced web ranking, keywords ranking report.

What’s more is that now, the Estimated visits metric for each search engine tracked will also get a refresh, and will be computed based on country-specific AdWords volumes.

The country setting made for the overall project will be considered for the AdWords metrics included in the Comparison > Search Engine report.

Updated ClickShare score formula

ClickShare is a proprietary AWR metric that shows, based on our internal research, how many people searching for your keywords will click your website if listed in Top 20 results.

Since 2014 when we began our research and ClickShare was first added in AWR reports, the searchers click behaviour in SERPs, as well as Google's SERP structure, have slowly but steadily changed.

We've therefore implemented a dynamic update system for the ClickShare score reported by AWR, so that our metric is always fresh, but also relevant at the same time, considering all the different factors that influence Google's organic CTR.

Starting with this update, ClickShare will be updated monthly based on the fresh data we gather in the Google Organic CTR tool.

Click opportunities and Estimated visits are two more AWR proprietary SEO metrics that take the ClickShare score into account. Therefore their values will be influenced by this change and you may see, at this point, some artificial fluctuations in their evolution as well.

DuckDuckGo Rank Tracking

With DuckDuckGo reaching 30 million direct daily searches in 2018, and thus recording a dramatic 50% increase from previous year, more and more businesses may find their prospects searching on DuckDuckGo for solutions, with increased privacy.

If you're presuming this niche search engine is a potential traffic source for your business as well, this AWR update comes with a good news for you.

You can now add DuckDuckGo search engine for tracking in AWR, and check your website’s presence in their SERPs.

Moreover, given the search engine’s very recent integration with Apple maps for powering their local search results, we’ve already started investigating and testing the inclusion of their local results as well.

YouTube tracking for 8 new Asian countries

In addition to the 14 countries already tracked in AWR for YouTube, we've added support for 8 more, from the Asian continent.

You can now track YouTube for:  

  • Singapore

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Hong Kong

  • Taiwan

  • South Korea

If there's a country or search engine you need tracking that we're not supporting at the moment, just send us a short message. We're usually very quick in updating our search engine list ;)

Article by

Dana Zavaleanu

Dana leads the marketing team at AWR. Having 13+ years of experience in the industry, she's an all-round digital marketer, with a focus on search analytics and content. Say hello @dana_zavaleanu

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