How RBBi Uses AWR Data to Manage Top Brands [Case Study]

May 31, 2017


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Red Blue Blur Ideas (RBBi) is one of the largest agencies in the MENA region, specialized in integrated UX and performance marketing.

With an international team of more than 40 specialists, this fast-growing agency has been delivering digital solutions for regional and global brands for over six years.

The team at Red Blue Blur Ideas take a data-driven approach to SEO, using insights to drive the search marketing performance of their clients. An endeavor like this can only be possible if they are able to gain a deep understanding of how their clients’ digital assets rank in search engine results and how visible they are in relation to competitors.

Back in 2014, RBBi chose Advanced Web Ranking as their rank tracker, for international keyword tracking and SERP analysis requirements, initially tracking over 50,000 keywords weekly across a variety of search engines and languages.

The Challenge: Covering Big SERP data on the Middle Eastern search markets

One of the major pain points that RBBi wanted to overcome was to measure search visibility as accurately as possible and at a cost-effective price, across different languages and different markets.

However, the language wasn’t just a requirement for keywords, but was also needed for the search engine interface.

The Process: Reaching out for help to overcome pain points

AWR was already able to ensure support for monitoring keywords with special characters, including Arabic languages. However, most of our search engines for the Middle Eastern market had only one interface language option.

RBBi reached out to our customer care team and through the meetings that followed, we worked together to map the requirements needed to provide in-depth competitive insights from the SERPs, with features specifically tailored for the region.

In consequence, AWR’s search engine technicians added support for English language interface on several search markets from the Middle East including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

The Result: Pioneering stats measurement with pinpoint accuracy for search in the region

Following the addition of the new search engine language option, RBBi could monitor keywords on sub-markets with multiple languages. This way, the team gained a deeper and more comprehensive perspective on the search visibility of their clients across their multilingual audience.

One of the ranking views that AWR offers in the Rankings menu - Search Engine Comparison - can be especially helpful for this purpose, as it provides side-by-side comparisons of visibility and individual keyword positions across multiple search engines.

Other benefits

1. Multiple levels of reporting
The team at RBBi uses two types of data reporting that are available in AWR:

  • aggregated data (with metrics like Visibility or Average rank) - these show the overall trend of the website visibility across the keywords and search engines monitored;

  • granular data - with individual keyword positions and the possibility to analyze the performance of different landing pages that ranked in time for each term.

2. Exploring the actual SERPs
As search results pages are in constant evolution in content, type, and form, RBBi periodically runs testing campaigns that target Google or international search engines like Yandex and Baidu to test every new change and stay on top of trends in the industry.

The purpose is to see how the client’s and competitor’s pages are listed for brand or product terms, and to evaluate how the results change following any updates in the SERPs or on the pages themselves.

Conclusion: Dynamic insights that make a real difference

The world of search is in constant evolution with frequent algorithm updates and changes, making rank-tracking an ever-evolving process as well, constantly adapting to the changing parameters.

Efficient SEOs are always ready to tailor their work and practices to their clients’ needs in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, and AWR does its best to keep up with their needs.

By adding a new search engine language option to AWR's interface, RBBi could pioneer the ability to provide top keyword insights on markets in the region for their clients.

Many other AWR users also benefit from this improvement, which is why we at Advanced Web Ranking are open to users’ suggestions and try to maintain a continuous feedback loop that improves our product and makes their work better and easier.

Article by

Aura Dozescu

Aura Dozescu was a Customer Care Specialist for AWR. Passionate about Internet Marketing and SEO technologies, she worked closely with SEO software developers to implement the feedback received from customers.

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