How PropertyGuru Group Uses AWR For Organic Growth

Jul 27, 2022


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PropertyGuru Group (NYSE: PGRU) is Southeast Asia’s leading property technology company, and the preferred destination for over 52 million property seekers to find their dream home, every month.

PropertyGuru and its group companies empower property seekers with more than 3.3 million real estate listings, in-depth insights, and solutions that enable them to make confident property decisions across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Our strong organic growth is contributed by the efforts of the SEO team, leveraging solutions such as the Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) platform. 

The Challenge

As Southeast Asia’s leading property technology company, we are hyper-focused on serving our audience with actionable insights and content that helps them on their home ownership journey.

To ensure we are continuously creating value for our audience, we track a vast volume of keywords - around 20,000 per country, that are in line with what our consumers' search/need to find their dream home. By tracking these keywords, we understand how they are served on the Google SERP and how consumers interact with the information. 

Our challenge was to track our performance, perform a competitor analysis against a range of other players in the sector and identify opportunities to grow our services and offerings, in line with our business objectives.

How AWR helped us address the challenge

With AWR, we focused on these four features for insights:

  1. Visibility – Keyword Groups & Metrics

  2. Dashboards

  3. SERP Features

  4. Unlimited competitors

1. Visibility - Keyword Groups & Metrics

The visibility metrics displayed on all our keyword groups are a good tool to analyze the ranking positions on a weekly or monthly basis. This greatly benefits us as we have over 30+ keyword baskets, such as locations, and project names, amongst others. This monitoring helps us identify our site's strongest or weakest pages (as most keywords are tied to our core product offerings or site pages).  

 Core metrics we focus on are: 

  • Market share

  • Top ranking keyword positions

  • Keyword movements from the top 3 positions. 

Apart from helping us identify the set of pages or offerings which require our immediate attention, it also helps us quickly review if our keyword baskets were impacted by Google algorithm updates

When we notice keyword changes are happening across a keyword basket, we view the total search volume of the basket of keywords and determine the next steps accordingly. 

Advanced Web Ranking, total search volume, keywords basket.

Based on the short-term (3 months) and long-term (6-8 months) performance, we plan the SEO experiments for each quarter.  

Advanced Web Ranking report

2. Dashboards

Besides reviewing the metrics, AWR allows us to build custom automated reports for deeper and better performance analysis without the need to filter settings each time. 

Our team can set up these custom reports to be shared weekly with our stakeholders to keep everyone updated on the health status of our keyword baskets, and benchmark it against our competitors. 

3. SERP Features

AWR helps us identify SERP features for a group of keywords, that in turn enables us to identify opportunities to create new products and serve relevant content in different formats. Our websites produce a variety of content such as search results, listing pages, and blog articles. AWR’s SERP feature allows us to identify the common SERP feature appearing for each keyword basket.

This insight enables us to understand how Google displays the results on the SERP and as a result, we can prioritize and optimize our content strategy to improve our organic click through rate and brand awareness.

4. Unlimited competitors

As Southeast Asia’s real estate leader we closely track  our organic share of voice. AWR enables us to track our competitors across countries, based on our business offerings, such as home mortgages, data tools, etc.  This ensures that during our regular competitive reviews, we select the right ones for performance comparison. 


Overall, the PropertyGuru SEO team believes in the insights and value AWR provides to help us improve our brand’s share of voice across the region. Additionally, the AWR customer support team (Bogdan) has been very prompt in resolving any queries or issues we faced. 

We can confidently say that having AWR as part of our SEO toolkit allows us to be ahead in the market.

Article by

Kavitha Gnanamurthy

Organic growth specialist with two decades of SEO experience. Heading the Regional SEO Product Team at PropertyGuru Group.

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