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Oct 15, 2018


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This week AWR has pushed another update that I think you'll be quite excited to try. It concerns the SERP Features data already available in the app, with some extra metrics and ways to slice those numbers.

Measuring SERP Features over time doesn't only offer you an idea of their increasing importance and occurrence, but also indicates how they've been “stealing” clicks from regular organic listings. As Google CTR studies have shown, the majority of clicks on a search results page go to the first organic link on search results pages (a broad average of 30%) but a good chunk - about 8% - are also now going to position zero.

This makes it important for you to find out whether your keywords trigger SERP features, what those features are, what SERP features your competitors rank for, or more broadly, whether there are any missed opportunities you could be optimizing for.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s available when you sign in.

New SERP Features Visibility Overview

While the numbers added to the SERP Features filter in Keyword Rankings are meant to help you get a preview of the SERP before diving into your keyword data, the new SERP Features item we've now added to the Visibility menu will give you a much wider overview over the entire SERP Features spectrum.

The SERP Features visibility shows a comparison for all the sites in your project - yours and your competitors’, and helps you keep track of your progress over time for each feature you've been focusing on - Featured Snippet, People Also Ask, Images, Videos, you name it.

advanced web ranking, SERP Features Visibility Overview

In addition to the SERP Features breakdown by websites, the SERP Features Visibility view also includes date comparison and evolution charts with multiple selections possible:

  • the total SERP features triggered by those queries

  • the number of SERP features your webpage/site earned

  • the number of SERP features earned by competitors’ webpages/sites

advanced web ranking

You can download these views as PDFs or export them to CSV, but you can also add them as parts of a more complex report from the Reports section.

Enhanced SERP Features Drop-Down Filter

The SERP Features drop-down filter, available in the Keyword > Rankings view allows you to view the opportunities available before drilling down to the exact list of keywords that need your attention. Thus, it has now been upgraded to determine the SERP Features you're already benefiting from and other potential opportunities you should focus on.

More specifically, for each SERP Feature available you'll see added the number of keywords that trigger the feature and for how many the selected website is listed as a SERP feature.

advanced web ranking, SERP Features Drop-Down Filter

This makes it so much easier to assess how the SERP Features real estate looks for the keywords you target and how much of that visibility is already captured by your website, without having to check rankings for each feature at a time.

Extra Mobile Tracking Capabilities: Apps

With mobile at the forefront and increasingly more AWR users targeting mobile search engines, tracking mobile-specific SERP features is something we're particularly invested in.

Therefore this update comes with a new entry on the list - Apps, to help you get a more accurate view of the mobile SERP and understand what content gets exposure on mobile for the queries you're targeting. With the new Apps feature you’ll be able to see at a glance whether your app is displayed as a SERP Feature by Google or whether there are opportunities for you to get it there.

google search, fitness app

Just like with AMP, tracking your keyword rankings as App type of results is available in AWR only for the projects that include a mobile search engine.

To conclude

That’s it for the latest major update on AWR. Google’s SERP Features have become an essential part of SEO, as they offer great opportunities for visibility at the top of the first page of results and even lower down.

As competition soars, pay attention to any opportunity you have to catch searchers’ attention, make the most of your keywords and remember: great content will take you to great places.

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Dana Zavaleanu

Dana leads the marketing team at AWR. Having 13+ years of experience in the industry, she's an all-round digital marketer, with a focus on search analytics and content. Say hello @dana_zavaleanu

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