How to Create Excellent SEO Reports for Your Clients with Advanced Web Ranking

Mar 30, 2023


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Any SEO professional or agency knows that creating reports for their clients is an essential part of the job. Reports help you track your progress, identify improvement areas, and demonstrate your work's value to your clients. But creating reports can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you're doing it manually. 

That's where Advanced Web Ranking comes in. AWR is a powerful rank tracker that can help you create stunning reports for your clients in minutes, based on the rankings already obtained with it. 

In addition to being time-consuming and tedious, creating reports manually can also be prone to errors and inconsistencies. With AWR's fully customizable SEO reports, you can eliminate these risks and ensure that your reports are accurate, professional, and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

AWR also provides a range of advanced features, such as automatic data updates, white-labeling options, and integration with popular SEO tools, that can help you streamline your reporting process even further. 

Let’s see how AWR can help you create awesome SEO reports that will amaze your clients.

Choose the right format

First of all, you need to know what the report will look like and what it will contain. With AWR, you can fully customize your reports from scratch, choosing exactly the widgets, the charts, and the data that you want to include, based on the rankings results already in the database.

Alternatively, you can build on existing report templates to save time and get started more quickly. There are available multiple formats that help generate the report based on the client requirements: SEO Performance, Keyword Rank, Search Markets, Competitor Rank, and Search Visibility. Each one contains the most useful widgets, charts, and details corresponding to its name.

Advanced Web Ranking reports menu

Performance Analysis Reports

Now that you have the report format, choose the metrics you want to track and create reports that are tailored to your client's needs.

You can show the progress of your SEO services with a performance analysis report that provides detailed insights into the website's performance, including rankings, traffic evolution, visibility metrics, and conversions. You can use these reports to show your client which keywords are driving traffic to the site, which pages are performing well, and which ones need improvement. 

AWR's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) reporting feature allows you to create reports in a visual way, without any coding or design skills. With WYSIWYG reporting, you can choose the right charts, tables, and images, and customize them to your liking. This feature makes it easy to create professional-looking reports that will impress your clients.

Advanced Web Ranking, custom seo reports

The application offers a multitude of options to customize charts and tables to fit your client’s specific needs. With multiple chart types and other customization settings at your disposal, you can tailor your visualizations to communicate data in the most impactful way possible.

This level of flexibility ensures that your charts and tables not only effectively convey information but also meet the visual standards expected by your clients.

You can easily create a pie chart with the “Position distribution” or a line chart with the “Websites visibility”. Additional options are available allowing you to create the exact format for your charts.

Advanced Web Ranking, websites visibility line chart

In addition to the ability to customize charts, AWR also provides users with the flexibility to customize table views. With a plethora of filtering options, you can easily narrow down and extract precisely the data required for your report.

Moreover, you can also customize the table views by selecting the specific columns you need to include, further enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your reporting. 

The ability to customize table views ensures that you can provide your clients with highly targeted and relevant data, showcasing your expertise and attention to detail.

Advanced Web Ranking, custom report additional columns

Branded Reports with Company Details

AWR offers a notable feature in the form of branded reports. With this feature, you have the ability to include company information such as your logo, contact details, and report description in your reports.

Incorporating such information helps to create a strong brand identity and makes your reports look sophisticated and polished. This attention to detail is sure to be appreciated by your valued clients.

Advanced Web Ranking, custom report, update photo

To enhance the professional appearance of your reports to your clients, AWR offers a feature that allows you to host your reports on your own domain. This feature, when combined with the SSL certificate, ensures that your clients can securely access the reports directly from your custom domain, such as With this feature, you can establish a strong and recognizable brand identity while also providing a secure and professional reporting experience to your clients.

Share Reports by Email or with a Shareable Link

Once all metrics and details have been accurately incorporated into the report, the report is ready to be delivered to your client. 

AWR facilitates the seamless distribution of reports to clients. The tool enables you to share reports via email directly from within the application or alternatively, generate a shareable link that clients can access remotely.

Additionally, you can apply your company email SMTP settings, which enables the notification email containing the report link to be sent from your company email address, further enhancing the branding and professionalism of your communications with clients. 

This versatile feature serves to keep your clients informed on the ongoing performance of their website while simultaneously emphasizing the significance of the services you provide.

Automatic Report Creation and Sharing

AWR's automatic report creation and sharing feature is a time-saver for busy SEO professionals. You can set up the tool to automatically create and send reports to your clients at regular intervals, such as weekly or monthly.

This feature ensures that your clients are always up-to-date on their website's performance, without you having to spend time creating reports manually.

The great advantage of such automatic reports is that they are not static, but they obtain dynamically the results from every ranking update. Create them once and set the custom date range you need (last week, last month) and the application will automatically add the latest rankings update to the reports.

You can be confident that your clients will always receive accurate and up-to-date reports, without having to send them a new report every time the rankings are updated.

Advanced Web Ranking, create scheduler wizard

Developer API Exports

In the event that the pre-existing report templates fail to satisfy the demands of your clients, AWR offers a robust solution via its Developer API feature.

This feature provides a hassle-free method to export AWR data in both CSV and JSON formats and facilitates the integration of data with other SEO tools in your workflow, thereby expanding the possibilities for data analysis and interpretation. 

You can then simply integrate this data into your in-house tools and format it in a manner that aligns with the specific needs of your clients. You can find the documentation with all the available API calls on our website.

As you can see, Advanced Web Ranking is a very powerful tool when it comes to helping businesses create comprehensive SEO reports for their clients. With its advanced features like performance analysis reports, ready-set report templates, WYSIWYG reporting, automatic report creation and sharing, branded reports with company details, share reports by email or with a shareable link, and API exports, AWR enables businesses to streamline their reporting processes, saving them valuable time and resources.

By providing your clients with detailed and easy-to-understand reports, your business can build trust and credibility, while also helping improve their rankings.

So, why not start using AWR today and take your SEO strategy to the next level?

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