It all started with two

Caphyon began with Philip Petrescu and Catalin Rotaru back in 2002. It all started in a 200 square foot room as a two person bootstrap with a $5,000 family loan.

When we started, there was no easy to use solution for creating install packages for desktop software distribution. So we endeavored to create one, and that is how Advanced Installer was born.

Six months later, after specs and coding, we realized that we had underestimated the amount of work needed to complete the first stage of this project. We needed something that would bring us some revenue so we could hire more people.

After a few days of research, we realized that there was no rank tracking solution available for Mac, and that is how Advanced Web Ranking began. The first version was released within a month and by the second one we started selling. It was the incentive we needed to move forward.

New friends have joined

All the money that we initially made from selling AWR, we invested into hiring two programmers, one for each project, which allowed us to continue our development efforts. Slowly, things began to move in the right direction, and we released our first version of Advanced Installer in March, 2003.

That first year was an exciting time. While all aspects of the company were being created from scratch, our customer base skyrocketed at a rate that surpassed even the most optimistic expectations.

By the end of the first year, Caphyon had grown to the point that the small office was no longer adequate, and in July 2003 the company moved to a larger facility. The first two employees still work with us nowadays, along with an entire team of programmers, designers, and support engineers that are now helping the company pursue its dream.

Although nowadays Caphyon has clients in 171 countries, our main center of operations is still in the cute little town called Craiova, in the south-west part of Romania, where it all started.

A company was built

The company has grown to have a very strong focus on customer service, quality and morale of the staff and most of all, a passion for what we do. And although we're almost 40 right now, nothing about us is corporate. We don't have multiple tiers of project managers and most importantly we don't have sales people.