3 thoughts on “Tips for Creating a Whiteboard Video that Converts”

  1. I found #6 to ring especially true. I tried my hand at making a whiteboard video quite a few times, but I just can’t quite get the quality down. Maybe I’ll see if the more design-oriented individuals on my team can pull it off.

    Thanks for all of the other tips!

  2. Outstanding post Victor, especially since I recently started digging into Video SEO. What I haven’t done yet is Whiteboard Videos, so thanks for the tip. Allow me to add that placing the Target Keyword as close to the start of the video title as possible (Preferably the First Word) also helps with ranking and showing up in search results. Although not always that easy to do considering Context.

    I agree with Kyle Sloka-Frey, quality before quantity. But professional quality also requires financial input, knowledge, and a lot of research.

  3. This is actually very helpful. I’ve been wanting to learn better how to create whiteboard videos but had been getting a bit overwhelmed. So much different software to choose from. Good article with helpful info!

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