5 Reasons to Use the Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

Just like the majority of search engine marketers,  you probably use more than one keyword research tool for your keyword research. This is perfectly fine, but it means that for each of the tools you use, you would most probably have to:

  • open a window in your browser and get the suggestions
  • export the keywords you got to a file
  • save the file on your computer

By now you must have gathered quite a few files with your keyword suggestions. The next step would be merging the data from these files, eliminating the duplicates, sorting the data and deciding what the final keywords are.

But wait, it’s not over! You need to check the rankings of these keywords for your website and your competitors websites, right?

This means that you will also have to add these keywords to your Advanced Web Ranking Desktop project. Hmm… hard work, isn’t it?

I know, but things are different when using the Advanced Web Ranking Desktop Keyword Research Tool, and here’s why:

1. Everything happens in one window

The keyword research tools are all available through a drop down list from which you can choose the one you use.

Once you have selected a tool and requested the keyword suggestions, you can add all of them or just those you select to a list of collected keywords. Then you select another tool.

With every other tool you use for getting suggestions you will see the list of collected keywords grow bigger and bigger. So you won’t have to extract, export, save to files and then merge the data. Everything will be gathered in one list right there in front of your eyes.

2. Don’t worry about duplicates

When different keyword research tools happen to give you some identical suggestions, you won’t have to look for duplicates in your list and exclude them. Advanced Web Ranking Desktop knows if some of the new suggestions are already added to the collected keywords list and will mark them.

All you have to do is skip the keywords already marked and add the new ones. This way, your list will grow with unique keywords from the beginning to the end.

3. You can manage your list in one spot

You won’t have to use additional spread sheets to analyze and select your keywords. Advanced Web Ranking also let’s you process your data. Whether you need to sort the list of suggestions or that of collected keywords, you can do that both alphabetically or by the average number of searches.

4. Automatically strip match type characters

When using Google AdWords Keyword Tool for keyword research, the results it provides are marked with specific characters ( like “” or []) representing the matching types: phrase match or exact match. For the exact or phrase match results you will have to remove the characters “” and [] to add them to an Advanced Web Ranking project or to any other processing tool.

But I have good news for you! Advanced Web Ranking Desktop has a magical button (Extract stripped keywords) that allows you to get the keywords without any other additional characters, so no extra work is needed.

5. Easily check website rankings

Once you have built your keyword list, checking the rankings for them is really simple. One click to add the list of keywords to your project or create a new one and then another one to start the update. That’s all!

Your turn!

Have you tried this? I’m excited to get your thoughts and comments about it, so let me know your opinion in the section below.

Author: Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. She is passionate about her job and always in a mood to chat about SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media. She tweets the news at @awebranking and @dana_loiz.

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  1. The Keywords tool is a staple app for all those looking to do SEO or internet marketing in general. One bit of advice though: make sure you sign up with Adwords first, because the results you get while signed in are a lot different than when you’re not. The number of results you can also display is affected too.

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