150+ Sites to Guest Post in 2018

Note: We update this list on a regular basis, adding new sites and removing sites that no longer accept outside contributors.

Guest posting/Guest blogging is not just about getting backlinks. It is an opportunity to target new audience, increase subscribers, grow your online audience and build relationships with other niche influencers.

Guest blogging can benefit you if you do it right. It’s a game not everyone can play, but to play well and win, you would need to know a few things and follow certain steps.

The first thing you should do is to determine the purpose of your guest blog. Why do you want to publish your content on other sites? As I said earlier, for a backlink or getting more followers. This should not take much time but is more important.

The second most important step is to find guest posting opportunities. Not every site on the internet accept guest posts but a few of them do. Everyone wants to publish content on top guest blogging sites but very few of them get through successfully.

Most of the guest bloggers intend to write for getting backlinks. To do this right, you would need to take care of few things. To publish your post on high authority sites, you would have to write high quality content. Otherwise, targeting multiple less authority sites would be the ultimate goal.

To help you get out of the research process I have listed below a big list of sites that accept guest posts. Before reaching out for guest posting, make sure your site has quality content, otherwise you would be looking to reduce bounce rate.

Digital Marketing Blogs

  1. Mashable | DA 92 | Topics: Social media, technology, business, entertainment
  2. Hubspot | DA 91 | Topics: Marketing
  3. GetResponse | DA 81 | Topics: Marketing, productivity, platform, automation
  4. Social Media Today | DA  80 | Topics: Business, social media, marketing
  5. Social Media Examiner | DA 80 | Topics: Social media
  6. Content Marketing Institute | DA 76 | Topics: Content marketing
  7. Creative Bloq | DA 74 | Topics: Blogging, web design
  8. MarketingProfs | DA 74 | Topics: Marketing
  9. Benchmark | DA 72 | Topics: Marketing, social media, SEO
  10. OutBrain | DA 71 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  11. B2Bmarketing | DA 70 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  12. Daily Blog Tips | DA 69 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  13. Thesitegirls | DA 69 |Topics: Blogging, social media
  14. CoSchedule | DA 69 | Topics: Content marketing, blogging, social media
  15. Shout Me Loud | DA 68 | Topics: SEO, marketing
  16. Pole Position Marketing | DA 66 | Topics: Digital marketing, marketing, analytics, SEO, social media, web design
  17. Inc 42 | DA 63 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  18. Mailjet | DA 63 | Topics: Email marketing
  19. The Blog Herald | DA 62 | Topics: Marketing, blogging
  20. Search Engine People | DA 61 | Topics: SEO, social media
  21. Making Different | DA 60 | Topics: Blogging, technology
  22. Post planner | DA 58 | Topics: Social media
  23. SEO Hacker | DA 57 | Topics: Marketing, SEO
  24. The Work at Home Woman | DA 55 | Topics: Social media, blogging, business
  25. Blog Engage | DA 54 | Topics: Blogging
  26. TechWyse | DA 54 | Topics: SEO, social media, marketing
  27. Viral Blog | DA 54 | Topics: Social media, technology
  28. Sociable Blog | DA 53 | Topics: Social media, marketing, growth hacking
  29. Marketing Tech News | DA 51 | Topics: Marketing
  30. Growmap | DA 51 | Topics: Marketing, SEO
  31. Famous Bloggers | DA 50 | Topics: Blogging, social media, SEO
  32. Hellbound Bloggers | DA 50 | Topics: Blogging, social media, technology
  33. iBlogzone | DA 50 | Topics: SEO, marketing, blogging
  34. Basic Blog Tips | DA 49 | Topics: Blogging
  35. Hinge Marketing | DA 49 | Topics: Marketing
  36. Tech Patio | DA 47 | Topics: Marketing, SEO, technology
  37. iTech Code | DA 46 | Topics: Blogging, SEO, social media
  38. Dealer Marketing | DA 46 | Topics: Marketing
  39. Purely Themes | DA 46 | Topics: SEO, marketing, hosting
  40. Birds on the Blog | DA 45 | Topics: Blogging
  41. Spyder Outletinc | DA 40 | Topics: Business, technology, SEO
  42. Opportunities Planet | DA 40 | Topics: SEO, social media, blogging
  43. Brand Driven Digital | DA 40 | Topics: Social media, marketing
  44. Be a Better Blogger | DA 32 | Topics: Blogging
  45. The Newsify | DA 19 | Topics: Technology, Business, Digital Marketing

Articles that rank 1st in Google and meet the searchers’ need of information, get more than 50% of all organic clicks traffic.

This CTR value has been calculated on data from all countries and for queries with Informational intent, performed via Tablets.

Travel & Tourism Blogs

  1. Hostel Bookers | DA 69 | Topics: Travel
  2. Go Abroad | DA 65 | Topics: Travel
  3. TheplanetD | DA 63 | Topics: Travel
  4. eDreams | DA 58 | Topics: Travel
  5. Global Grasshopper | DA 52 | Topics: Travel
  6. In The Know | DA 44 | Topics: Travel
  7. Six Suitcase Travel | DA 39 | Topics: Travel
  8. We Are Holidays | DA 39 | Topics: Travel
  9. Teno Blog | DA 39 | Topics: Health, travel, business

In the “Travel & Tourism” sector, people searching on Google seem more inclined to browse further than the 1st page of results, as compared to other industries.

This should be good news if you’re struggling to build top rankings in this niche.

Finance Blogs

  1. Inc Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Finance
  2. Bigger Pockets | DA 78 | Topics: Finance
  3. Oil Price | DA 74 | Topics: Finance
  4. Money Crashers | DA 73 | Topics: Finance
  5. Money Saving Mom | DA 73 | Topics: Finance
  6. Incomediary | DA 60 | Topics: Make money online
  7. Modest Money | DA 54 | Topics: Finance
  8. The Finance Wand | DA 44 | Topics: Finance
  9. Beating Broke | DA 42 | Topics: Finance
  10. Money Mini Blog | DA 38 | Topics: Finance

About one third of Google searchers stick to the 1st SERP listing, for queries in the “Finance” category.

Here’s what organic traffic you can rely on if you’re building rankings in this sector.

Sports & Fitness Blogs

  1. Health Line | DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health
  2. Work in Sports | DA 55 | Topics: Sports
  3. Sports Then & Now | DA 55 | Topics: Sports
  4. Off the Post | DA 50 | Topics: Sports
  5. ListLand | DA 48 | Topics: Culture, entertainment, sports
  6. Sports Networker | DA 44 | Topics: Sports
  7. Teno Blog | DA 39 | Topics: Health, travel, business
  8. Betakecare | DA 35 | Topics: Health, nutrition
  9. One Fitness | DA 26 | Topics: Fitness
  10. My Health Care India | DA 26 | Topics: Fitness, health
  11. Way to Sports | DA 9 | Topics: Sports, Games

Ranking 2nd for “Sports and Fitness” queries gets you 3 times less clicks than ranking 1st.

But this is just for Desktop queries. On Mobile, search behaviour changes noticeably.

Health Blogs

  1. Psychology Today | DA 92 | Topics: Psychology, self improvement
  2. Health Line | DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health
  3. Life Hack | DA 88 | Topics: Self improvement
  4. Greatist | DA 79 | Topics: Health, relationships
  5. One Green Planet | DA 73 | Topics: Environment, Health, Food
  6. Pick The Brain | DA 64 | Topics: Self improvement
  7. Brain Blog | DA 56 | Topics: Health
  8. Well-BeingSecrets | DA 56 | Topics: Well-being
  9. CareKees | DA 34 | Topics: Health
  10. My Health Care India | DA 26 | Topics: Fitness, health
  11. Qualia Hub | DA 4 | Topics: Personal development

For the “Health” industry, competition for Google top page of results is fierce, with almost 70% of desktop searchers going for one of the top 10 SERP listings.

If you’re building rankings in this sector, check out the full CTR data to learn what organic traffic you can expect from each position.

Home & Garden Blogs

  1. Curbly | DA 71 | Topics: Home design
  2. Residence Style | DA 65 | Topics: Home design
  3. Mookychick | DA 56 | Topics: Home

Family & Community Blogs

  1. Cafe Mom | DA 82 | Topics: Family

1 in 3 searchers from desktop devices will click the top Google result, for queries in the “Family & Community” category.

When searching from mobile however, only 1 in 5 people will click the 1st SERP listing.

Jobs & Education Blogs

  1. eLearn Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Education, reviews
  2. Edutopia | DA 80 | Topics: Education
  3. EduGorilla | DA 52 | Topics: Education
  4. AppendTo | DA 46 | Topics: Programming, education
  5. Tutorful | DA 39 | Topics: Education

More than 70% of desktop searchers will click 1st page search results for “Jobs & Education” queries.

If you’re building rankings in this industry, making it to the first page is vital.

Arts & Entertainment Blogs

  1. Colossal | DA 91 | Topics: Photography
  2. Contact Music | DA 83 | Topics: Music
  3. Digital Photography School | DA 79 | Topics: Photography
  4. Sonic Bids | DA 71 | Topics: Music
  5. Guitar Chalk Magazine | DA 51 | Topics: Music
  6. ListLand | DA 48 | Topics: Culture, entertainment, sports

Ranking 1st for “Arts & Entertainment” queries gets you one of the lowest organic CTRs, as compared to other industries.

Only 20% of searchers in this category, click the top Google listing, when searching from desktop devices.

Real Estate Blogs

  1. Escape Artist | DA 64 | Topics: Real estate

About 38% of searchers click the 1st result, when searching from Desktop, for queries in the “Real Estate” category.

Ranking 1st in this industry, gets you one of the highest organic CTRs, as compared to other industries.

Hobbies & Leisure Blogs

  1. Craft Gossip | DA 70 | Topics: Craft
  2. Craftbits | DA 64 | Topics: Craft
  3. Fine Craft Guild | DA 61 | Topics: Home, craft
  4. The Bark | DA 59 | Topics: Pets
  5. ListLand | DA 48 | Topics: Culture, entertainment, sports
  6. Outdoorzy | DA 39 | Topics: Hunting
  7. YourPetLand | DA 32 | Topics: Pets

Ranking 2nd for “Hobbies & Leisure” queries gets you almost 3 times less clicks than ranking 1st.

But this is just for Desktop queries.

Check out the full CTR stats to know what organic traffic you can expect.

News, Media & Publications Blogs

  1. The Guardian | DA 94 | Topics: Entertainment, finance, business, sports
  2. The HuffPost | DA 94 | Topics: News, business, sports, etc
  3. Business Insider | DA 93 | Topics: News, business, sports, etc
  4. Entrepreneur | DA 91 | Topics: Marketing, social media, business, finance, news
  5. DailyNews | DA 49 | Topics: News, business, education, health, sports, etc

If you’re striving to achive the top Google ranking in the “News, Media & Publications” niche, you may rest assured that it will pay off your efforts.

The 1st position in Google search results on desktop devices gets 10 times more clicks than the below the fold, 6th position of the same page.

Food & Groceries Blogs

  1. The Kitchen | DA 86 | Topics: Food
  2. One Green Planet | DA 73 | Topics: Environment, Health, Food
  3. Today’s Mama | DA 36 | Topics: Food, lifestyle

Law & Government Blogs

  1. Above the law | DA 75 | Topics: Law
  2. Politico Magazine | DA 92 | Topics: Politics
  3. Open Democracy | DA 79 | Topics: Politics

About one third of Google searchers click the 1st SERP listing, for queries in the “Law & Government” category.

If you’re building rankings in this sector, check out the full CTR stats to know what traffic you can rely on.

Business & Industrial Blogs

  1. Forbes | DA 94 | Topics: Business
  2. Fast Company | DA 91 | Topics: Business, finance, technology
  3. Addicted 2 Success | DA 64 | Topics: Entrepreneurship
  4. Killer Startups | DA 60 | Topics: Entrepreneur
  5. Men With Pens | DA 50 | Topics: Business
  6. Entrepreneurship Life | DA 47 | Topics: Entrepreneur
  7. Smart Hustle | DA 43 | Topics: Entrepreneur
  8. Spyder Outletinc | DA 40 | Topics: Business, technology, SEO
  9. Teno Blog | DA 39 | Topics: Health, travel, business
  10. The Newsify | DA 19 | Topics: Technology, Business, Digital Marketing

Technology Blogs

  1. Venture Beat | DA 91 | Topics: Technology
  2. Site Point | DA 85 | Topics: Web design, technology
  3. Hongkiat | DA 83 | Topics: Web design, technology
  4. Read Write | DA 75 | Topics: Technology
  5. Manning | DA 67 | Topics: Technology
  6. Colocation America | DA 63 | Topics: Technology
  7. Techlila | DA 46 | Topics: Technology
  8. Spyder Outletinc | DA 40 | Topics: Business, technology, SEO
  9. High Def Geek | DA 36 | Topics: Technology
  10. Ms tech | DA 28 | Topics: Technology
  11. TechForge | DA 24 | Topics: Technology
  12. The Newsify | DA 19 | Topics: Technology, Business, Digital Marketing
  13. Tech Gadgets | DA 16 | Topics: Technology

39% of searchers click the 1st result, when searching from Desktop, for queries in the “Internet & Telecom” category.

Ranking 1st in this industry, gets you the highest organic CTR, as compared to other industries.

Web design Blogs

  1. Smashing Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Web design
  2. Site Point | DA 85 | Topics: Web design, technology
  3. Hongkiat | DA 83 | Topics: Web design, technology
  4. A List Apart | DA 81 | Topics: Web design, content
  5. Digital Inspiration | DA 78 | Topics: Web design, blogging, technology
  6. Web Designer Depot | DA 77 | Topics: Web design
  7. Inspiration Feed | DA 69 | Topics: Web design, SEO, social media
  8. Instant Shift | DA 68 | Topics: Web design
  9. Crazy Leaf Design | DA 63 | Topics: Web design
  10. CollectiveRay | DA 38 | Topics: Web Design
  11. Lake View Studios | DA 32 | Topics: Web design, online marketing

So far, you might have selected a few sites from the above list to target, but make sure to visit the sites and check what type of posts they are accepting. If you think i have missed any relevant sites please let me know in the comments and I will update it.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

Author: Noman Karim

Noman Karim is a Content Marketer at Marketlytics focusing on improving content strategies. He is a passionate blogger and enjoys writing about analytics, marketing and SEO. Follow him on Twitter

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  14. Well certainly a treasured list….Guest posting not only helps to bring traffic, it also increases your trustworthiness as a writer…and it also helps to increase loyal readers. I truly admire your effort to formulate such a list which will definitely prove to be a boon to newbie blogger…

  15. And Yes the article is damn good. I was approaching many people for guest posting, But here I get the full list. saves a lot of work you know. This is like treasure to me.

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    I think it’s hard to argue against the power a guest posting, I’ve seen people ranking from everything from payday loans to weight loss, purely on guest posts. This is obviously why Google fires out a warning shot every now and then.


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