150 Sites to Guest Post in 2017

Note: We update this list on a regular basis, adding new sites and removing sites that no longer accept outside contributors.

Guest posting/Guest blogging is not just about getting backlinks. It is an opportunity to target new audience, increase subscribers, grow your online audience and build relationships with other niche influencers.

Guest blogging can benefit you if you do it right. It’s a game not everyone can play, but to play well and win, you would need to know few things and follow certain steps.

The first thing you should do is to determine the purpose of your guest blog. Why do you want to publish your content on other sites? As I said earlier, for a backlink or getting more followers. This should not take much time but is more important.

The second most important step is to find guest posting opportunities. Not every site on the internet accept guest posts but a few of them do. Everyone wants to publish content on top guest blogging sites but very few of them get through successfully.

Most of the guest bloggers intend to write for getting backlinks. To do this right, you would need to take care of few things. To publish your post on high authority sites, you would have to write high quality content. Otherwise, targeting multiple less authority sites would be the ultimate goal.

To help you get out of the research process I have listed below a big list of sites that accept guest posts. Before reaching out for guest posting, make sure your site has quality content, otherwise you would be looking to reduce bounce rate.

# Blog Title DA Contact Category
1 Forbes 97 Submit Business
2 Tech Gadgets 97 Submit Technology
3 The Guardian 96 Submit Entertainment, finance, business, sports
4 Mashable 94 Submit Social media, technology, business, entertainment
5 Business Insider 93 Contribute News, business, sports, etc
6 Tech Crunch 93 Submit Technology, finance
7 Politico Magazine 93 Submit Politics
8 eLearn Magazine 92 Submit Education, reviews
9 Moz 91 Submit SEO, marketing, blogging
10 Fast Company 91 Submit Business, finance, technology
11 Entrepreneur 90 Contribute Marketing, social media, business, finance, news
12 Search Engine Land 90 Submit SEO, marketing
13 Inc Magazine 90 Submit Finance
14 Hubspot 89 Submit Marketing
15 Venture Beat 89 Submit Technology
16 Smashing Magazine 89 Submit Web design
17 A List Apart 88 Submit Web design, content
18 Psychology Today 88 Submit Psychology, self improvement
19 Copyblogger 87 Submit Blogging, marketing
20 Read Write 86 Submit Technology
21 Creative Bloq 85 Submit Blogging, web design
22 Health Line 85 Submit Fitness, health
23 Investopedia 85 Submit Finance
24 Social Media Examiner 84 Submit Social media
25 Content Marketing Institute 84 Submit Content marketing
26 Site Point 83 Submit Web design, technology
27 Kissmetrics 82 Submit Web Analytics, case studies, landing page optimization
28 GetResponse 82 Submit Marketing, productivity, platform, automation
29 The Kitchen 82 Submit Food
30 Small Business Trends 82 Submit Business
31 Edutopia 81 Submit Education
32 Marketing Land 81 Submit Marketing, SEO
33 Life Hack 81 Submit Self improvement
34 Open Democracy 80 Submit Politics
35 Social Media Today 79 Submit Business, social media, marketing
36 Sonic Bids 79 Submit Music
37 Web Designer Depot 78 Submit Web design
38 CoSchedule 77 Submit Content marketing, blogging, social media
39 MarketingProfs 77 Submit Marketing
40 Benchmark 77 Submit Marketing, social media, SEO
41 Travel Blog 77 Submit Travel
42 Manning 76 Submit Technology
43 OutBrain 76 Submit Blogging, marketing
44 Pole Position Marketing 75 Submit Digital marketing, marketing, analytics, SEO, social media, web design
 45 Convince & Convert 75 Submit Social media, online marketing
46 Greatist 75 Submit Health, relationships
47 Oil Price 75 Submit Finance
48 Hello BC 75 Submit Camping
49 Hongkiat 74 Submit Web design, technology
50 Digital Photography School 74 Submit Photography
51 Colossal 73 Submit Photography
52 Digital Inspiration 73 Submit Web design, blogging, technology
53 Cafe Mom 72 Submit Family
54 Daily Blog Tips 72 Submit Blogging, marketing
55 Above the law 71 Submit Law
56 Hostel Bookers 71 Submit Travel
57 Go Abroad 70 Submit Travel
58 Get Rich Slowly 70 Submit Finance
59 Contact Music 70 Submit Music
60 Thesitegirls 69 Submit Blogging, social media
61 Money Crashers 69 Submit Finance
62 One Green Planet 65 Submit Environment
63 Advanced Web Ranking 64 Submit Marketing, SEO
64 B2Bmarketing 63 Submit Blogging, marketing
65 Pick The Brain 63 Submit Self improvement
66 The Blog Herald 63 Submit Marketing, blogging
67 Bigger Pockets 63 Submit Finance
68 Search Engine People 62 Submit SEO, social media
69 Design Shack 62 Submit Web design
70 Money Saving Mom 62 Submit Finance
71 Post planner 61 Submit Social media
72 Killer Startups 61 Submit Entrepreneur
73 Socialnomics 60 Submit Business, social media
74 The Bark 60 Submit Pets
75 Instant Shift 60 Submit Web design
76 Mailjet 60 Submit Email marketing
77 Curbly 59 Submit Home design
78 TheplanetD 59 Submit Travel
79 TechWyse 58 Submit SEO, social media, marketing
80 Escape Artist 57 Submit Real estate
81 Travel Supermarket 57 Submit Travel
82 Shout Me Loud 56 Submit SEO, marketing
83 Inspiration Feed 56 Submit Web design, SEO, social media
84 Modest Money 54 Submit Finance
85 Men With Pens 53 Submit Business
86 eDreams 53 Submit Travel
87 Kikolani 53 Submit Blogging, marketing
88 Addicted 2 Success 52 Submit Entrepreneurship
89 Brain Blog 51 Submit Health
90 Marketing Tech News 51 Submit Marketing
91 Crazy Leaf Design 51 Submit Web design
92 Sociable Blog 51 Submit Social media, marketing, growth hacking
93 Craftbits 51 Submit Craft
94 Craft Gossip 51 Submit Craft
95 Hinge Marketing 51 Submit Marketing
96 Incomediary 51 Submit Make money online
97 Inc 42 50 Submit Blogging, marketing
98 Love My Dress 50 Submit Wedding
99 Viral Blog 50 Submit Social media, technology
100 Video Brewery 50 Submit Video
101 Traffic Generation Cafe 49 Submit Traffic generation strategies
102 Today’s Mama 49 Submit Food, lifestyle
103 Basic Blog Tips 49 Submit Blogging
104 Growmap 48 Submit Marketing, SEO
Famous Bloggers 48 Submit Blogging, social media, SEO
105 Blog Engage 48 Submit Blogging
106 Ecopreneurist 48 Submit Entrepreneur
107 AppendTo 47 Submit Programming, education
 108 Opportunities Planet 47 Submit SEO, social media, blogging
109 The Work at Home Woman 47 Submit Social media, blogging, business
110 Fine Craft Guild 45 Submit Home, craft
111 Work in Sports 45 Submit Sports
112 Global Grasshopper 45 Submit Travel
113 SEO Hacker 44 Submit Marketing, SEO
114 Smart Hustle 44 Submit Entrepreneur
115 PR Couture 43 Submit Fashion
116 Mirasee 42 Submit Marketing, business growths
117 Off the Post 42 Submit Sports
118 Birds on the Blog 41 Submit Blogging
119 Sports Networker 41 Submit Sports
120 Beating Broke 41 Submit Finance
121 Money Mini Blog 41 Submit Finance
122 iBlogzone 40 Submit SEO, marketing, blogging
123 Brand Driven Digital 40 Submit Social media, marketing
124 Making Different 40 Submit Blogging, technology
125 Hellbound Bloggers 39 Submit Blogging, social media, technology
126 Mookychick 38 Submit Home
127 Internet of Things News 38 Submit Technology
128 Dealer Marketing 37 Submit Marketing
129 Outdoorzy 37 Submit Hunting
130 Lift for Life 36 Submit Fitness
131 Six Suitcase Travel 36 Submit Travel
132 Sports Then & Now 36 Submit Sports
133 Ms tech 36 Submit Technology
 134 Be a Better Blogger 36 Submit Blogging
135 In The Know 35 Submit Travel
136 We Are Holidays 34 Submit Travel
137 High Def Geek 34 Submit Technology
138 Techlila 34 Submit Technology
139 The Finance Wand 33 Submit Finance
140 FitAthletic 32 Submit Fitness
141 Vector Central 32 Submit Home
142 iTech Code 32 Submit Blogging, SEO, social media
143 Entrepreneurship Life 31 Submit Entrepreneur
144 Tech Patio 31 Submit Marketing, SEO, technology
145 One Fitness 30 Submit Fitness
146 Hello Vancity 30 Submit Fashion
147 Entrepreneur Mom Now 30 Submit Entrepreneur
148 TQS Magazine 29 Submit Fashion
149 Lake View Studios 26 Submit Web design, online marketing
150 Travel Tamed 25 Submit Travel

So far, you might have selected a few sites from the above list to target, but make sure to visit the sites and check what type of posts they are accepting. If you think i have missed any relevant sites please let me know in the comments and I will update it.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

Author: Noman Karim

Noman Karim is a Content Marketer at Marketlytics focusing on improving content strategies. He is a passionate blogger and enjoys writing about analytics, marketing and SEO. Follow him on Twitter

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  1. Nice post idea. You mention Sisters Bailey Travel blog. That hasn’t been updated since 2014… Did you look at these sites first?

  2. amazing list…guest posting is really important for backlinks….was looking for websites which accept guest post…thanks for sharing Noman…!!!

  3. Hey there, it looks like your site is no longer HTTPS compliant, so I get an error when coming to this site! Though you would want to know since this is such a valuable resource and I imagine you get a good bit of traffic from it.

  4. Hi! Thanks a lot for this post! Will definitely use it for my outreach campaign. Also, I am running an education blog that accepts guest posts – The Lazy Study Guide. Will be great if you could add my website to your list 🙂

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