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Chapter 18. Google Location Search Engine

Google Location Search Engine

Sending accurate report to your customers that match the results they see in the browser can make the difference between you and your competition.

You probably know that Google displays different results in different countries and most of the times it's impossible for your reports to match the results from your customer's browser if you are not using proxy servers.

With Advanced Web Ranking you can create a Google Location Search Engine that will gather for your websites the exact same ranking results that somebody from a different region of the world would see in her browser. Let's see how you can do that.

Below you can find a quick step-by-step tutorial that will help you quickly create your custom search engines to check your website rankings by specific geo locations.

To create your first custom search engine go to the [Project] -> [Search Engines] menu and [Add Search Engine] -> [Add Google Location Search Engine]. Here you will be able to define a new location for your search engine or use any of those you have previously created and add the search engine to your project.

When defining the custom Google Location Search Engine, you will be required first to specify the Google domain and the location (city our country):

In the new window you need to enter some custom settings:

  • Domain.  Select the Google search engine from where you are looking to gather results; for example,, etc

  • Location.  To narrow the results you need to select the city or country matching that Google domain.

  • Language.  Select the display language

For the location you have defined, Advanced Web Ranking will display the search engines you need to select.

Click on the [Finish] button and the new search engine will be added automatically to your project. The name of the custom, Google Location search engine will be "Google Country Language(loc: City/Country)" and you will see it displayed in the list of your project's search engines, along with the other search engines from your project:

With Google Location Tool you can create as many search engines as you want for each of your client's project.


This feature is only available in the Enterprise version.