User Guide

Chapter 9. Printable Reports


As opposed to the Interactive Reports, the Printable Reports are a set of reports that are made for printing, for sending as attachments to emails or for uploading them to your website via FTP. They trade interactivity for the ability to create and specify customizable reports.

To create a new report see the report wizard. You can generate an existing report by clicking on its name in the [Reports] menu. To edit a report, select is from the [Reports] menu and you enter the edit mode. e

When you create a new project, the application automatically creates a report template for each of the available reports. By default, these reports contain information about all the search engines and keywords in your project. If you need different search engines and keywords combinations, there are two options you can choose from:

1. Edit an existing report, choosing it from the [Reports] menu and entering the edit mode.

2. Create a new report from scratch from [Reports] menu -> [New report].