User Guide

The Top Sites report

There are two available views for the Top Sites report: the [URLs] view and the [Browser] view. You can switch views from the drop down list, next to the report selection:

URLs view

This is a tabular report that presents the list of all the Websites (and their positions) for the selected search engines and keywords. This is the same information you would obtain by manually searching in a browser window, except that the Top Sites report compacts the information as a list of websites, it also gives you additional information for each website (Alexa Rank, mozRank, Domain mozRank) and you can go back and see what happened in time.

Using the display filter, you can modify the way this report shows the results. (All the results, Only the top 10, Only the top 20 and so on). The Filter edit box allows you to enter a part of an URL to filter the results with.

The filter text box helps you find a website in the Top Sites report. Only the websites that contain the text you enter will be visible in the report

Top Sites in Time

This report also shows historical information about the search engine results. To see what happened at a certain date, all you need to do is select the date you are interested in from the Date drop down. The Compare To drop down allows you to compare the currently selected date with a previous date, to see what was changed.

For the Top Sites report to show historical data, you need to have the "Gather Top Sites in Time data" option checked in the [Settings] -> [Performance] -> [General performance settings] menu. This option is enabled by default.

Browser view

This report is a visual reproduction of the SERP pages you see in your browser when querying for the selected keyword, having all your project websites highlighted, with the same color they are assigned within the project.

This report view enables you to better understand the competitive advantage one website has against the others by visualizing the composition of the search result pages as well as the keyword usage each competitor applies for their titles and meta descriptions.