User Guide

Chapter 4. Managing Projects

Project Manager

The Project Manager can show you an overview of all the projects that you created so far, allowing you to assign them to categories. It will also give you important information about your projects such as the last backup date and last update date.

If it hasn't been updated, you can look in the Update section and see whether something went wrong, or whether the update was never started at all.

You can rename a project, start backing up a project or start its update by using the small icons which become active as you move the cursor over the rows in the list.

While in the application, you can easily access it from the drop down menu on the top right corner of the screen.

Create new project

This button will start the New Project Wizard which guides you through creating a new project in Advanced Web Ranking. After completing the wizard, the newly created project will appear in the list along with the already existing ones.

Remove project

If you wish to remove any of the listed projects from your application, you can do it using this button. It will enable a mode that allows you to mark the projects for deletion and then you must [Confirm removal] for a permanent removal of the selected projects.

Duplicate project

After selecting a project from the list you can duplicate it. This means that the newly created project will have all the settings and ranking data as the original one, but with a different name that you will specify.

Rename project

You can easily change the name of an existing project by double clicking on its name. An editing field will appear where you can just type your project's new name.

Backup project

The Project Manager not only displays the last backup date for each project existing within the application but also allows you to start the backup from here. Just use the small icon next to the last backup date.

Update project

You can start the update for any of the projects listed in the Project Manager by using the small green arrow next to the last update date of each project.

Create project category

Projects can be organized in categories and displayed in the Project Manager in a tree structure. For that you must create new categories and add the projects to them. Right click on any of the projects to create a new category or select a project and add it to an existing project category.