Alina Popescu - Online Marketing Strategist

Alina joined the AWR team in 2011 as part of the marketing squad. She works closely with customers, and she is active on all social media platforms (well almost :) ).


I have a particular passion for DIY stuff, photography and Kangoo Jumps!

Life slogan

"It takes rain to make a rainbow" - with every opportunity it had, life showed me that you can't have something good happen, without something bad (at least this is my case).

Best holiday destination

So far, the best holiday destination has been Paris. Why is that? Do not know. Maybe because this city has a romantic side and French is the language of love, isn't it?

In weekends I love

I like to spend my weekends doing exercise and taking long walks in the park. In other words, as many outdoor activities as possible, since 40 hours a week is spent in the office in the company of "a close friend" - the computer.

If weather is not on my side, I stay indoors and enjoy watching a good movie, or playing board games with my friends ("Settlers of Catan" is our favorite).

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