Ready-set report templates

AWR’s dedicated report templates are easily populated with your clients’ data and save precious time on reporting progress for various goals and aspects of your SEO projects.

You can use them when assessing work for a new client or pitching prospects, to display an overview of the current situation, drill down on keyword rankings, competitor analyses, and more.

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Create reports from scratch

Create custom reports from scratch with data that’s relevant for each client or project. Follow your own rules and create reports that reflect your work perfectly.

No worries, though - you don’t have to repeat all this work every time. You can save or duplicate your customized reports and reuse the templates whenever you want.

Full report customization

AWR’s reporting feature is fully customizable and flexible, allowing for a keyword performance analysis as broad or as specific as you need.

Each column, chart and graph in your report is hand-picked by you, together with customized notes and comments that allow for a quicker understanding of each set of report data.

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Easily shared projects

Sharing project data and reports has never been easier. There’s no need to create separate accounts for all your team members & clients, or generate reports every time you want to share data quickly.

Just give them access to those parts of the projects that interest them via permalink. The permalinks are view-only, so all your data and settings remain safe and intact.

Reports are format-flexible

To analyze or process your ranking data, you can download it in a friendly format, as PDF or CSV. Or even spill you rankings in bulk, directly into your in-house data management tool through the developer API.

Updating rankings illustration
Updating rankings illustration

Quick & efficient reporting

AWR allows you to generate quick reports on the spot with data from your most recent updates, or as far back as you’ve data stored in the app.

Schedule reports so they generate automatically on each new project update, or at any time intervals you wish. You can also customize report scheduling for each separate project according to specific needs and goals you set.

Clean & attractive interface

Thanks to adaptable widgets, it’s easy and intuitive to create reports in AWR, whether you start a report template from scratch or use an existing one.

You can add charts or graphs to display data, add comments on changes and progress in your projects, and customize reports with your company logo, or your clients’. Moreover, you can duplicate and pin reports as needed.

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People love Advanced Web Ranking

Nick Garner avatar

We needed a heavy duty rank tracking tool. After a lot of research we chose AWR Cloud because it just works easily, is reliable, has solid reporting at a sensible price. In my opinion it's the best rank tracking tool on the market.

Nick Garner - CEO, 90 Digital
Will Coombe avatar

Our agency has experimented with a hell of a lot of ranking software including Serpfox, TinyRanker & SourceHunter, all of which pale into insignificance against AWR. It's a first class SEO software that our agency, quite frankly, relies on now. Keep up the good work guys!

Will Coombe - Director, Sharpe Digital

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