Release Notes - 7.0

New features in the 7.0 release (Version history)

  • Added the ability to compare a previous time range in the Visibility report chart
  • Added keyword categories and the ability to generate reports for a keyword category
  • Added XML import/export for importing projects from AWR to ALM and reverse
  • Added setting "sleep x minutes if a search engine fails y times"
  • Added setting "search engine results per page" in Project Settings
  • Added the ability to select the maximum number of columns for the Overview and Visibility PDF reports
  • Added PDF "right to left" direction setting (for Arab or Hebrew languages)
  • Added the ability to export keywords translations to a file
  • Added the ability to filter the projects from the project list manager

Enhancements to existing features

  • Improved database speed and size
  • Improved server performance when updating projects or generating reports
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