Release Notes - 6.2

New features in the 6.2 release (Version history)

  • Added charts to the Visibility printable report
  • Added ability to associate projects with a user account
  • Added ability to compare to first update, compare to n days ago and compare to start of week/month/year
  • Added ability to define external browsers for opening reports or URLs within the application
  • Added ability to quicly export the last day an update was made
  • Added Ask to the list of localized search engines

Enhancements to existing features

  • Improved speed for the Top Sites import
  • Improved update speed when the project contains many URLs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed visibility (if no previous update, count as not changed, not as added)
  • Fixed the computing of previous position in reports
  • Fixed a remote connection deadlock
  • Fixed importing keywords that contained comma
  • Fixed XSLT reports with no comparison date
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