Accurate ranking data

We deliver accurate ranking data, for clients across the Globe.

AWR uses a human search emulation mechanism and geo-located proxy servers, to provide results just like the ones you see in your browser.

Because search engines change their results so often, we righteously follow. AWR adds new search engine definitions every 24 hours so the rankings you see are always up to date.

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Fresh, when you need it

Get your ranking data fresh, when you ask for it. With AWR you can make on-demand requests of ranking data or set it to be delivered automatically, daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

Covering all SERP features

AWR captures all types of results that Google blends in the web search, including organic, local pack, featured snippet, AMP, reviews, site links, images, video, top stories, Twitter, knowledge panel, and instant answers.

Optimized for International SEO

We provide quality ranking data to users all over the world, regardless of language, location or search engine.

AWR supports special characters in keywords, and gathers ranking data for 130+ countries and literally any search engine on the Planet.

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Built to scale

Growth and teamwork are sustained. AWR can easily accommodate complex projects that manage large keyword sets, multiple search engines and websites.

There are no limitations on the number of users or projects added. You only pay for the number of keywords you actually track.

People love Advanced Web Ranking

Nick Garner avatar

We needed a heavy duty rank tracking tool. After a lot of research we chose AWR Cloud because it just works easily, is reliable, has solid reporting at a sensible price. In my opinion it's the best rank tracking tool on the market.

Nick Garner - CEO, 90 Digital
Will Coombe avatar

Our agency has experimented with a hell of a lot of ranking software including Serpfox, TinyRanker & SourceHunter, all of which pale into insignificance against AWR. It's a first class SEO software that our agency, quite frankly, relies on now. Keep up the good work guys!

Will Coombe - Director, Sharpe Digital

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