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We needed a heavy duty rank tracking tool. After a lot of research we chose AWR because it just works easily, is reliable, has solid reporting at a sensible price. In my opinion it's the best rank tracking tool on the market.

Nick Garner - CEO, 90 Digital

Get fresh and accurate keyword rankings

AWR is a cutting-edge rank tracker that lets you monitor your website rankings with accuracy, while being very flexible and easy to use.

Track website rankings on Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, YouTube and many more search engines with AWR's rank tracker.

AWR's Rank Tracker gets updated every 24 hours with the latest SE definitions so the results you get always reflect the latest changes SEs make in their results.

Track, compare and optimize your website's performance in SERPs across different devices, with AWR rank tracker.

AWR let's you monitor the results of your optimization efforts on both desktop and mobile devices.

Track local ranking results accurately with AWR rank tracker.

Ranking results are similar to the ones you see in your browser, regardless of your location on the Globe.

Multiple update options for your rank tracking projects, with AWR rank tracker.

AWR retrieves your ranking data fresh, when you ask for it. We do not deliver rankings from a database.

Track progress and pull insights

Once you've set your new rank tracking project, you're ready to start analyzing your data and to make decisions.

Get traffic from SERP features rankings

AWR helps you take advantage of the most effective SERP features for your niche, and grab the searcher's clicks.

Advanced Web Ranking monitors rankings for all types of SERP features available in Google search results.

Find out which keywords trigger SERP features, what those features are and who have won the featured listing.

Discover how to rank for Google SERP features with Advanced Web Ranking.

Counters next to each SERP Feature paint a nice overview: keywords that trigger each feature vs. keywords you own.

Monitor Google SERP features visibility over time, for you and your competitors.

Compare your progress over time, against the competition for winning SERP features for the keywords you target.

Improve landing pages’ rankings

Through a dedicated report, AWR’s rank tracker lets you focus on each webpage and on improving their organic performance and visibility.

Stay competitive in SERPs

AWR's rank tracker makes competitive landscape analysis easy and enables you to gain sustainable competitive advantages faster.

Track and compare competitors' rankings over time with Advanced Web Ranking rank tracker.

With AWR, you can track up to 50 competitors in a single project, with no additional costs.

Find out who's ranking for the keywords you target and asees your competition in SERPs.

Add new competitors to tracking right from the Top Sites report, and keep a closer watch on their performance.

Learn how to outrank competitors in search results with Advanced Web Ranking.

List all the keywords for which your competitors have won the Featured Snippet and learn how to displace them.

Create masterful reports

AWR gives you great flexibility in creating and sharing your reports, so that communicating with clients remains simple and effective.

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