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Your software is incredible!! I have been marketing websites for most of 10 years and in that time, I have used a lot of different programs but yours by far out performs the competition.

Trevor Walter -CEO,Freelance Marketing Group

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With Advanced Web Ranking Desktop the arduous task of keyword research becomes simple, fast and even fun.

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The AWR Desktop Keyword Research tool enables you to gather fresh and relevant ideas from the most trusted keyword research tools in a single basket, and merge the power of all tools in one.

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Dive into thousands of profit-driving keywords with ease and quickly select the terms that will generate a substantial return of investment for your business.

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With the Advanced Web Ranking Desktop Keyword Research tool you can easily uncover all your competitors profitable keywords and keep a constant eye on their keyword targeting strategy.

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Being integrated in a complete SEO software, the Advanced Web Ranking Desktop Keyword tool allows you to rapidly implement or start tracking your newly researched keywords and save loads of time.

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After over 12 years of doing SEO work, I'm always on the look out for software that can make my job easier and streamline tasks.

At my current position I was lucky enough to get access to Advanced Web Ranking software. The amount of time it has saved me is priceless.

Jeremy Biberdorf -SEO Manager,Structured Settlements LLC
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We would definitely recommend using Advanced Web Rankings as it's reliable, it allows you to run reports whenever you need them, it provides lots of customization options and it's able to deal with large projects.

Paul Rogers -Senior Online Marketing Strategist,GPMD

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