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What is a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan covers access to any relevant support and software updates for your software license. All commercial licenses include 12 months of maintenance (commencing from the date of purchase).

The maintenance plan gives you free product updates, free search engine updates, and free technical support for 12 months beginning with the date of purchase.

When will my maintenance plan expire?

You can find all the information about your existing maintenance plan from our customer information web page.

This information is also available from the application by pressing on the question mark in the top right corner [Help] -> [About] dialog. If this information is not up to date, then you may need to enter your license key again in the [Help] -> [Register] dialog to refresh it.

Can I still use the software without an active maintenance plan?

Yes, you can continue to use Advanced Web Ranking after the active maintenance period expires.

What happens after the first 12 months?

After the first 12 months, your initial maintenance plan will expire and you will no longer enjoy free application updates, search engine updates and technical support. Renewing your maintenance plan is done purely at your discretion. We suggest you renew it in advance of your maintenance expiration to ensure uninterrupted access to the support and software and search engine updates.

While your maintenance plan is active, you can purchase an extension. Maintenance plan extensions commence from the date the previous maintenance period expires.

If you forgot to extend your maintenance plan and it has now expired, you can no longer extend it, but you can renew it by purchasing a 12 months renewal maintenance plan. This will give you a fresh maintenance plan of 12 months beginning with the date of purchase.

For more information about maintenance plans and their pricing please see our maintenance plans page.

Why should I renew my software maintenance?

To understand the benefits of having an up to date software maintenance, please visit the following page:

Why renew the Advanced Web Ranking Maintenance Plan?

How much does it cost to renew my maintenance plan?

Current pricing information for maintenance plans is always available online. Discounts are available if you purchase more than one maintenance plan at the same time.

I own multiple licenses of Advanced Web Ranking. Do I need to purchase a maintenance plan for each license?

Yes. Customers that purchase or already own multiple licenses must purchase a Maintenance Plan for each license.

What happens to my Maintenance Plan when I upgrade, let's say from Standard to Professional?

When upgrading your license, your Maintenance Plan will automatically be upgraded, totally free of charge.

When I upgrade, let's say from Standard to Professional, will my Maintenance Plan be extended for another period?

Yes. When you upgrade your license, your Maintenance Plan will be extended with 6 months.

I have a Standard License and my Maintenance Plan has expired. Can I upgrade to Professional and update my Maintenance Plan?

In order to be able to upgrade your license, you first need to renew your Maintenance Plan.

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