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Advanced Web Ranking Server

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Measure and improve your organic search traffic and revenue, monitor your competitors' market share and improve your social media ROI.

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Basic Features
Ranking ▾

Unlimited Websites and Keywords

Being a desktop based application, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to track rankings for an unlimited number of keywords, on as many search engines as you need and monitor as many websites as you wish.

Customizable Ranking Data

With AWR it's easy to delve into hundreds of keyword rankings and still make sense as you can shape the data to perfectly fit your own needs, using filters, sorting options, flexible time range or keywords categorization.

Random User Agents

To speed up the ranking updates and protect the search engines' resources at the same time , AWR uses random user agents when performing its queries and emulates the human search behaviour from a browser.

2500+ International Search Engines

Whether you need to check your rankings on an international or a national search engine, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to choose your favorites from more than 2500 search engines available.

Monitor PPC Search Engines

Keep a close eye on your paid ads to see if it's worth spending money on this kind of advertising. Advanced Web Ranking allows you to monitor your website on pay per click search engines for the keywords you have paid for.

Google Universal Results

Advanced Web Rankings allows you to split the rankings into Organic, Images, Video, News and Shopping results to see a mirror image of Google's Universal Search listings blended with organic results.

Localized Search in Language and Country

This feature allows you to search on national search engines, using their language, country specific criteria and encodings.

Use Bing API to Search on Bing

With Advanced Web Ranking you can verify your rankings on Bing through Bing API, a risk-free and secure tool . All you have to do is to provide AWR with a valid Bing API key.

Request New Search Engines

If you happen to need a certain search engine that isn't available in our 2500+ list, you can send us a request and we will do our best to include it in our future versions.

Visibility Score

With Advanced Web Ranking, you can sum up your website rankings for all targeted keywords, on all search engines into a single metric and synthesize your overall rankings success with this single KPI: the visibility score.

Mix Rankings With Links, Analytics and Social Stats

Advanced Web Ranking enables you to measure your efficiency and quantify the revenue you generated by combining within the same chart or table, your rankings with links, Google Analytics stats and social media metrics.

Ranking Evolution in Time

Gain an insightful image over your ranking performance in time, with Advanced Web Ranking's multiple types of charts available. You can compare your rankings at different dates in time or track your entire evolution.

Group Keywords by Category

Having a hard time finding your way through the hundreds of keywords you are tracking? Organize your project's keywords into categories to easily manage your projects and data.

Assign Colors to Keywords and URLs

You can differentiate the keywords and websites from your projects by assigning them different colors. This way, you can easily sort and organize the items according to your own preferences and get insightful sets of data.

Search Engine Lists

Organize your preferred search engines in lists and quickly assign them to any of your projects. Using search engine lists you will also be able to add or remove multiple search engines from a project with just one click.

Import Keywords and URLs From Multiple Sources

You can instantly add hundreds of keywords to your projects by importing them from local files, websites, from Google Analytics or keyword research tools. Also, just as simple, you can import your project URLs from files or web domains.

Export Keywords and URLs to Local Files

Export the keywords and URLs from your current projects to local files and use them later for creating new projects. When you're ready to start a new project, just import the keywords and URLs from these files and you're ready to go.

Page Markers in Graphical Charts

With Advanced Web Ranking, you can customize the appearance of your ranking evolution charts by applying page markers. These markers allow you to visually divide the charts into segments and stay focused only on the key segments you are interested in.

Keyword Priority Tool

Set priorities for your project keywords and stay focused only on the most efficient! You can set the priority manually or get it from several sources such as Google AdWords, Google AdWords API, 7Search or Wordtracker API.

SEO Brower Tool

The SEO Browser tool integrated in Advanced Web Ranking helps you see your web pages just like a search engine spider does and discover hidden texts and harmful elements on your pages.

Link Building ▾

Links From Moz & MajesticSEO

Advanced Web Ranking's integrated link building tool retrieves fresh and reliable link data from Moz and Majestic.

2000 Links FREE

Each Advanced Web Rankings license comes with a free pack of 2000 link credits, that you can use to gather link data directly from the Moz links database.

Customizable Link Retrieval Depth

For each project, you can select the domains to get link data for and adjust the number of top links and top anchor texts to be retrieved for each domain.

Anchor Text Distribution

Specific anchor text details will be gathered from Moz and Majestic SEO, independently from the link data, to offer a complete link profile overview for you and your competitors.

Verify Your Backlinks

Achieve the most accurate image over your link profile by automatically verifying your backlinks to see if they still exist on your referrers' websites.

Link Details Evolution in Time

Gain a comprehensive overview of your link building evolution over time, compared to your competitors, using Advanced Web Ranking's beautiful evolutional charts.

Discover Common Links With Your Competitors

Reveal relevant and easy to get link building opportunities by comparing your competitors link profiles side by side. Advanced Web Ranking will highlight for you the most popular links among your competition.

Analyze Your Links Performance

As the quality of your links lays both in their ability to improve your rankings and drive traffic back to your website, AWR combines your rankings with links and Google Analytics data to give you reliable insights over your links effectiveness.

History of Moz Transactions

Never lose track of your link retrieval costs! Advanced Web Ranking keeps record of all your requests to Moz and provides details on all the retrieved data and used credits per each month.

Social Media ▾

Track Social Shares For Website Pages

Measure engagement on all social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) for your project's websites and identify your most shared content. You can either compare two different dates in time or check the evolution of the selected metric over specific periods of time.

Monitor Multiple Twitter Accounts

Monitor and analyze your social popularity on all your Twitter accounts with ease! You can authorize Advanced Web Ranking to connect with multiple Twitter profiles and simply switch between them to check the evolution of your mentions, retweets , followers or lists over time.

Track Multiple Facebook Fan Pages

Connect Advanced Web Ranking with multiple Facebook accounts and measure the performance of all your fan pages. For each of your pages, you are able to create beautiful charts with the evolution of your fans, new likes and talking about.

Import Historical Data From Twitter

With your first Twitter update, Advanced Web Ranking imports all the historical social metrics available for your Twitter account.

Scheduled Updates ▾

Schedule Project Updates at The Time and Date of Your Choice

Schedule Advanced Web Ranking to automatically update your projects at the time you want and reserve your time for the other important things in your life.

Content Optimization ▾

Content Optimization Diagnosis

With the Content Optimization tool you can perform a complete evaluation of your web pages to identify all their on-page optimizations issues and score your performance based on the SEO best practices.

Keyword Analysis

The Keyword Analysis tool enables you to analyze and compare specific pages of your website or your competitors websites to achieve the optimal keyword density and prominence on your webpages.

Competition Analysis ▾

Spy on Your Competitors Link Building Strategy

Advanced Web Ranking enables you to set your competitors link profiles side by side and extract priceless information about their top referrers, their average authority of backlinks or anchor text distribution.

Monitor Competitors Ranking Evolution

Advanced Web Ranking helps you track and compare your competitors rankings for all your targeted terms. You are able to calculate their visibility in search results, identify the keywords for which your competition ranks better that you and learn how to stay on top of search results.

Measure Competitors Social Popularity

Curious how well your competitors are performing on social media? Get an overview of your competitors social popularity by tracking social shares for their website content on the main social platforms: Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Basic Keyword Research ▾

Google Suggest

The integrated Google Suggestions tool allows you to automatically find the most used keywords in people's queries on Google and gather related suggestions for the keywords you type.

Keyword Generator

Starting from the individual keywords you provide, the Keyword Builder feature helps you to create compound keywords and generate the list of all possible combinations.

Performance ▾

Runs on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux

You can use Advanced Web Ranking on your favorite operating system through it's unique cross-platform compatibility. It is designed to run perfectly on operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Functions From Behind a Firewall

You can perfectly use Advanced Web Ranking even if you are behind a firewall. All you need to do is instruct the application to go through your proxy server instead of a direct connection.

Minimize Bandwidth Usage

Advanced Web Ranking helps you avoid unnecessary querying of the search engines and increases the update speed by stopping the data gathering when your website has been found in the results gathered so far.

Project Manager

The Project Manager gives you an overview over your projects and helps you to maintain your projects freshly updated and efficient at all times. Along with the dates of the last update and backup, the Project manager also shows global ranking metrics.

Favorite Tabs

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to pin the tabs you use most frequently and quickly access them from the Favorites menu as to all the available video tutorials or chart notes that you made throughout the application.

Multiple Language User Interface

The Advanced Web Ranking user interface and reports are available in six different languages. For non-native English speakers, there is a set of five different languages to choose from: French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

Backup and Restore Functionality

Advanced Web Ranking allows you safely backup your projects on your hard drive or to an external location and easily restore them whenever you want.

Import Historical Data From Web Position Gold

Import your previous work from Web Position Gold projects and use it with your current Advanced Web Ranking projects.

Import Historical Data From Raven Tools

Import historical information from your Raven Tools account and use it with your current Advanced Web Ranking projects.

Automated Search Engines Definition Updates

Every time it's launched, Advanced Web Ranking automatically updates the search engine definitions to the latest version. This way you'll ensure that your gathered data from the search engines is accurate.

Set Performance Settings For Each Search Engine Independently

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to adjust the performance setting separately for each search engine. This is useful in cases when one search engine is less forgiving to high load than the others.

Special Characters in Keywords

Import keywords with special characters and letters of Latin, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese or Korean alphabet into your projects without additional settings and easily monitor clients worldwide.

White label Reports ▾-

Create Reports in Multiple Formats

In Advanced Web Ranking, you can create printable reports using data from the Rankings, Links, Analytics and Research menus. The reports can be generated and exported as PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, Text and XML files, printed, emailed, uploaded to your website automatically via FTP or AWR Cloud.

Complete SEO Reports

Create complete interactive SEO reports, with detailed ranking, analytics, links and social media sections grouped under one roof. Your customers will be able to browse through these sections and make real time selections as if they were navigating through a web based SEO client application.

Quick Reports

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to create quick reports which contain only the data you see in the user interface at the time you generate the report, without having to define any filters or input data. Generate reports in one of the following formats available: PDF, HTML, XLS, XML, Text and CSV.

Custom Header & Footer

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to easily customize the header and footer of your reports and add your company's logo and information. For advanced customization, you can write your own XSL stylesheet and create HTML reports using your own custom templates.

Alerts ▾-


Get alerts each time major changes happen in the SERPs, via email or inside AWR. The alerts are triggered automatically each time new ranking data is gathered, if the condition set in the alert is met.

Event Log Viewer

Advanced Web Ranking keeps a log of everything that it does. It alerts you of reports that should have been sent by email but an error occurred, or any other report or update failures.

Autopilot Mode ▾-

Schedule Multiple Project Updates

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to schedule updates for multiple projects at the same time, without affecting your bandwidth, as the updates will start one at a time until all the projects have been updated.

Schedule Backups For Project Data

In order to avoid important data loss, you are enabled to schedule the backup of your projects as often as you wish. Further, the backups can either be restored, or permanently removed if you don't need the data anymore.

Automatic Report Generation

After a project update is finished, Advanced Web Ranking is able to automatically generate all the desired printable reports, save them on your hard drive or send them to your clients.

Send Reports Automatically by Email

After a project update is finished, Advanced Web Ranking is able to automatically send the generated reports to one or multiple email addresses.

Automatically Upload Reports to Your Website

Every time a project update is finished, Advanced Web Ranking can automatically save and upload the generated reports to your website through a FTP server, so that your clients could easily see them by directly accessing their personal section.

Automatically Upload Reports to AWR Cloud

With AWR Cloud, the web-based service designed to work with Advanced Web Ranking, reports sharing has never been easier. You can automatically upload reports to your online account and share them with your clients around the world.

Search Features ▾-

Local/Maps Search Engines

Monitor your website' position in local/maps search engines, narrowed to a city or region level. You can define and track an unlimited number of locations using their geographical coordinates.

Multiple API Keys

Advanced Web Ranking enables you to use more than one Google or Bing API key. When the requests limit of the first key is reached, the next key is used automatically.

Advanced SEO Tools
Research Tools ▾--

SEO Audit

The Website auditor allows you to crawl your project websites, make sure they are properly indexed by the search engines and identify all the problems that could stand in their way to better rankings.

Multiple Keyword Research Tools

The Keyword Research tool in Advanced Web Ranking helps you research and get new keyword ideas through a set of strong keyword analysis tools.

Find Profitable Keywords

Uncover the most profitable terms for your business using multiple filters that refine keywords according to their relevance, phrase length, volume, competition or commercial value.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

Measure the authority and optimization level of your competitors for the keywords you are interested in and understand how challenging it is for your website to rank for a particular term.

Advanced Search ▾--

Customized Google Location

The integrated Google Customized Location feature enables you to customize your location down to city level. This way, regardless of your IP address, you are able to see in your reports the same ranking results as a person sees in her browser from another country or city.

Proxy per Project

This feature allows you to assign a proxy server to each project. This is useful when you have customers in other regions of the globe than your current location, and you wish to gather the same information that they see in their browser from their location.

Multiple Proxies

Using multiple proxy servers enables you to send multiple search requests from different IP addresses at the same time and thus, decrease the update time considerably. The time that the application takes to complete an update will be divided by the number of proxy servers used.

Google Page Rank

You get the ability to add to your reports the Page Rank, Alexa Rank, mozRank and domain mozRank for each of your websites. This way, not only you will be able to compare your website to your competitors by rank, but you will also be able to track their progress over time.

Custom Filters ▾--

Customizable Filters

To easily extract only the ranking results you are interested in, you can use custom filters to refine your reports data. The custom filters feature allows you to create your own filters, made of a combination of predefined filters and user created conditions that involve the current position, previous position, best position, page rank, or any other entity that may be affected by a change.

Rank Data Export ▾--

Export Rank Data in XML and CSV

Advanced Web Ranking enables you to export the gathered rank data to a CSV or XML file and use it with your in-house tools for custom reporting. The data export feature uses the same generation mechanism as the printable reports, which means that gives you the ability to create your own custom export templates and offers the possibility to export the data whenever you choose to.

Multiple Seats ▾---

Shared Client Database

Streamline your workflow with the AWR Server. Your staff can connect from any part of your office to a common database and manage a large number of customers together.

User Profiles

Manage multiple users with ease. Get authentication, rights management, audit and custom profiles for each user.

2-10 Enterprise License

The Server bundle comes with 2, 5 or 10 Enterprise client licenses that your users can use to connect to the Server. Contact us if you need more.

Security Management

Enhanced security with user/password authentication and access rules for client licenses requesting a communication session.

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Have questions? We got answers:

What do you mean by Lifetime license?

The one-time fee you pay for an Advanced Web Ranking license enables you to use the application version you purchased for an unlimited period of time.

In order to benefit from application updates, search engine updates, bug fixes and technical support, you need to have a valid Maintenance Plan.

All new Advanced Web Ranking licenses come with 12 months of Maintenance Plan included.

How many licenses do I need?

Advanced Web Ranking is licensed per user. That means you need one license for each person using the Advanced Web Ranking product.

You can install Advanced Web Ranking on multiple computers (workstation, laptop) as long as you are the only person using it on these computers and you don't launch more than one application on different computers at the same time.

What is a maintenance plan?

A Maintenance Plan gives you access to application updates, search engine updates and technical support.

All commercial licenses include 12 months of maintenance beginning with the date of purchase.

How does the free 30-day trial work?

It's very simple! Just download the application and choose the trial option when installing.

During trial all features are enabled, so you can explore Advanced Web Ranking without restrictions.

How much will I pay for Maintenance?

Extending your Maintenance Plan for 12 months will only cost you 30% of the full license price.

You can either extend your Maintenance Plan while valid or renew it anytime. You can find the prices for Maintenance Plans here

Which payment methods do you accept?

The following payment methods are accepted: credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Eurocard), Paypal, mailed cheque and direct bank transfer.

The fastest method is to use a credit card or Paypal. All the other methods may delay your order until the payment is actually received.

Will my order be secure?

Yes! In order to protect our customers, the order forms on our website are run on a secure server, utilizing encryption technology to safeguard all credit card transactions from unauthorized viewing.

Your personal information is kept secure and will not be transferred to other parties.

How will Advanced Web Ranking be delivered to me?

Once you place your order and we receive your payment, a confirmation is sent to you via email with your payment details and the license key that you need to register the software.

What is your refund policy?

We offer an unconditional, no questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee. We will not whithold your money if you are not fully satisfied.

Can I change the license type after purchasing?

If you come to the conclusion that the license type you purchased does not fit your needs anymore, you can easily upgrade or downgrade to a different license at any time.

Are there any discounts available?

For purchasing two or more licenses, upgrades or maintenance plans you can enjoy volume discounts of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 30%, off the regular prices.

Also as an existing Advanced Web Ranking customer, you will enjoy a 50% discount off the license price for Advanced Link Manager

Can I become a reseller?

We are in a continuous effort to build a larger network of partners and we'd love it if you would join us.

Become a reseller and you can benefit of attractive discounts and professional support and your only responsibility is resell our licenses through your distribution network in order to increase your margins.