How many websites can I monitor with Advanced Web Ranking?

There are no limitations for the number of websites you can monitor with Advanced Web Ranking. Likewise, you can add an unlimited number keywords and search engines to your AWR projects and track your performance.

How to edit the list of websites assigned to a project

You can access the list of websites currently in your project from the Settings -> Websites menu. Here you will be able to perform multiple actions: add, remove, export, specify pages and aliases, assign Google Analytics accounts and set the link information retrieval for each website.

How to add more websites to a project

If you wish to add more websites to your project and start tracking your rankings for them, you need to go to the Settings -> Websites menu and press the Add button from the top of the screen.

You will get four options to choose from:

  • Type URLs - just type the URLs you wish to add to the project in this window, one by line, and click the Add to project button
  • Suggest competitors - Advanced Web Ranking generates a list of your top competitors for the keywords you have in your current project, selected by their visibility in the search results. You can easily choose from this list the competitors you wish to monitor and add them to your project.
  • Import from file - you can import websites from a file where they have been previously exported by Advanced Web Ranking
  • Import from URL - this feature enables you to crawl a webpage and discover all its outgoing links. Just enter the URL, press the Import button and edit the list of found websites before adding them to your project.

How to add specific webpages to a project

If you wish to track a particular page of your website, you need to add it to the project.

For that, go to the Settings -> Websites menu, select from the list of websites the one you wish to edit and click the Pages button.

To add the index page of a website to the list, just add a new page with the name "/" (forward slash). This is regarded as a special page, and will appear as Index Page in the list.

You can remove the All Pages entry if it's not the only entry left in the list. This will allow you to match only a certain page instead of all the pages of your website. If you later want to add the All Pages entry back, just click on the Add button without entering any page name in the Website Pages dialog.

How to remove a website from my project

To remove a website, go to Settings -> Websites menu, click on the Remove button from the top Menu Bar, select from the list the websites you wish to remove from your project and Confirm removal.

If you changed your mind about removing any of the websites, just click on the Cancel button.

What is a website alias?

The most known case of a website alias is when a website can be referred as its domain name or with the www prefix. Example:


This special case is handled by default in Advanced Web Ranking so you don't have to add it yourself.

If your website has more than one subdomain (like in the example below) then you can enter a special alias that contains the wildcard character (*) to substitute the part that is different in each entry. Example: *

  • sub1.
  • sub2.

The wildcard character can be inserted in any place in the website name and as many times you wish.

How to add my website aliases

To add aliases for your website go to the Settings -> Websites menu and press the Aliases button. You will be able to type in the aliases of your website or import them from a text file.

By default, a set of aliases are already added for your website's Index page but if you wish to add others, you need to click the Index Aliases button and type them in.

How to distinguish websites in rank evolution charts

You can use a different colour for each website. This can be done from the Settings -> Websites menu. Here click on an website and click on the Colour button to change its colour.

Once a colour is set for a website, that website will appear coloured in every report that Advanced Web Ranking generates.