How many keywords can I track with Advanced Web Ranking?

There are no limitations for the number of keywords you can track with Advanced Web Ranking. Likewise, you can add an unlimited number websites and search engines to your AWR projects and track your performance.

How to edit the list of keywords assigned to a project

You can access the list of keywords currently in your project from the Settings -> Keywords menu. Here you will be able to perform multiple actions: add, remove, export, set priority, set colour, organize in categories, translate your keywords, check their spelling or research new ideas.

How to add more keywords to a project

To add new keywords to your current project, go to the Settings -> Keywords menu, click the Add button and select Type keywords. This option enables you to type your new keywords, one per line, in the dialog that appears.

Advanced Web Ranking also provides other methods for adding new keywords to your project:

How to import keywords into a project from a file

You can quickly import hundreds of keywords into your projects, using the Import from file option. To access it, go to the Settings -> Keywords menu and press the Import/Export button at the top.

Browse through to the text file that contains the new keywords you wish to import and you are done! If any keywords in this file are already added to the project, Advanced Web Ranking will ignore them.

The format of the text file is one keyword per line.

How to add my previously removed keywords back to the project.

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to restore the keywords you removed from your projects, along with all the ranking data associated with them.

You can find all your removed keywords in the Settings -> Keywords -> Add -> Removed keywords menu, where you simply need to select the terms you wish to restore and click Save.

How to add keywords from my Google Analytics account to a project

Once you have authorized Advanced Web Ranking to sync with your Google Analytics account, you can quickly import the keywords from Google Analytics into your AWR project.

You can find all your Google Analytics keywords in the Settings -> Keywords -> Add -> Analytics keywords menu, where you simply need to select the terms you wish to import and click Save.

How to find keyword suggestions related to my project keywords

Advanced Web Ranking enables you to discover and import into your projects keywords that are related to your website.

  • You can scan a webpage or an entire website and gather the most relevant keywords using the Import from website and Import from URL features available in the Settings -> Keywords -> Import/Export menu.

The retrieved keywords will be added to a temporary list where you can edit them before adding them to your project. You can perform multiple URL queries and gather the retrieved keywords in a single temporary keywords list from which you can choose the keywords you add to your project.

  • Also you can easily generate the list of all possible combinations between relevant terms for your business using the Keyword Builder tool, also available in the Settings -> Keywords menu under the Tools list. Simply type in your desired word or phrase and press the Generate button.
  • To perform an extensive keyword research using the most popular tools available on the internet: Google AdWords, Google Webmaster API, Google Suggest, Google Trends, 7Search, Wordtracker API, Yahoo API and SEMRush API, you need to use the Keyword research tools available in the Research menu.

What is keyword priority?

Setting priorities for your keywords helps differentiate the most performing keywords from the others.

How to change the priority of my keywords

You can generate and assign the priority for your keywords in two ways:

  • Go to Research menu -> Keyword Priority. Here you can choose to get your keywords' priority from reliable sources: Google AdWords, 7Search, Wordtracker API and SemRush API. After you have selected the source you wish to get the priority from, click on Update (on top menu) to gather the information.

After this step is completed, select the column you wish to set the priority from and click on Set priority so that information is assigned to the keywords in your project.

  • Go to Project menu -> Keywords -> Set priority (on top menu) and select one of the available options. Here you will also find the options to set the priority manually or import it from a text file, which enable you to set your own priority system.

The file you import the priorities from must contain one keyword and its new priority, per line, separated by a comma.

How to create keyword groups

You are able to create simple or complex keyword categories from the Settings -> Keyword Groups menu.

By clicking the Add button from the drop down menu, you will create a simple keyword category containing the selected keywords.

If you wish to filter your keywords by certain conditions and thus create categories, you will need to create complex keyword categories. For that, press the Add button and click Complex group. You will set the conditions you want your category keywords to follow and create the keyword category.

If you wish to edit the existing keyword groups, enter the keywords Keyword Groups menu and you will be able to edit, delete, duplicate or rename all the keyword groups created.

Does Advanced Web Ranking perform spell check on my project keywords?

You can automatically check the spelling of all your project keywords using the Spelling tool in Advanced Web Ranking. You can access this tool from the Settings -> Keywords -> Tools menu.

According to the language in which your keywords are written, you can choose from (USA English), (German), (French) and (UK English) and click on Check spelling.

All correctly written keywords will be marked with OK, in the Spelling column. If there is a misspelled keyword, the application gives you the right form and you can choose between ignoring it, replacing the misspelled keyword with the correct one, or keeping both as project keywords.

To select the action AWR will perform for each keyword, right-click on the Action column, on each corresponding line. If you do not choose an action before you click OK, then no changes will be made.

How to automatically translate my keywords to another language

Due to its Google Translate integration, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to translate your project keywords in more than 40 different languages directly from the application.

For that, you need to go to the Settings -> Keywords -> Tools menu and select Translate. Once you have selected the terms you wish to translate as well as the languages you are interested in, press the Translate button at the top-right corner of the dialog.

After the process is complete you can export the newly translated keywords and import them into the desired project.