How to synchronize my Google Analytics account with Advanced Web Ranking

To synchronize your Google Analytics account with AWR, go to Settings menu -> Websites and click on the Analytics button that you can find on top menu.

In the dialog that opens, click on Authorize in order to get redirected into your Analytics account and allow Advanced Web Ranking to access the information and add it into the application.

How many Google Analytics accounts can I add into the application?

Advanced Web Ranking gives you the possibility to add a different Google Analytics account for each website that you have in your project. To do this you need to authorize AWR for each account that you want to synchronize.

Can I use the Analytics tool without synchronizing my account?

All features available in Advanced Web Ranking Analytics menu show you the information that your Google Analytics account provides. In order to gather this information you have to create a connection between these two by synchronizing your account with the application.

How to set up the time range in Analytics dashboard chart

You can set up the period of time you are interested in for your Analytics reports from the top calendar box. After selecting the date range, the analytics chart will show the data according to your calendar settings.

Also you can choose from the custom ranges that you can find in the same window: Last Week, Last Month, Last Three Months and so on and click Apply.

How to add keywords from Analytics into my project

There are two way that allow you to import keywords from your Google Analytics account intro your project:

  • While in Analytics, right click on the keyword that you want to add to your project and Add keyword
  • From Settings menu -> Keywords -> Add -> Analytics keywords. The window that pops up displays the keywords found in your Google Analytics account from which you can choose which one you want to import.

How to compare different update dates in Analytics

To compare a current update date with a past one you need to check the Compare to previous period check box. This option will display a second chart line, reflecting the analytics values recorded for your website, for the previous period of time.

How to update the Analytics data

You can update your Analytics data in 2 ways:

  • From the Analytics menu you can click on the Update button that you can find on the on top menu.
  • Click on the small green arrow next to the Update button and select Update Analytics data to perform this partial update.

How to export my Analytics data

To export your Analytics data from Advanced Web Ranking you have 2 possibilities:

  • From the Analytics menu, choose the view that you are interested in and click on the Quick Report button (the green arrow) that you can find on top menu.
  • From the Reports menu -> New Report and simply select from the Analytics section the report type that you are interested in along side with its format.

How to add a new Google Analytics account

First you need to make sure that you are logged in into the new Google Analytics account that you want to add into the application.

After that go to Settings menu -> Websites, click on the Analytics button from the on top menu and in the window that pops up click on authorize to give access to Advanced Web Ranking into the new account.

When the application has access into your new account choose the website you want to assign it to and select the new account from the list.

Is my Google Analytics data safe?

Advanced Web Ranking is a desktop application, so all the details you add there are stored on your computer and cannot be accessed by any other person.

Adding your Analytics account in AWR will only help you connect the application installed on your computer, to your Analytics account, so you can get these results inside of Advanced Web Ranking and see them together with the rankings, links and social shares ones.

Everything can be accessed only by you, no one else (not even us) can see what you have and what you add in Advanced Web Ranking installed on your computer.

How to retrieve Google Analytics data in AWR