How to create an Alert in Advanced Web Ranking

In Advanced Web Ranking, alerts are notifications you receive in the application or directly to your email, whenever major changes happen in the SERPs.

These alerts will be generated automatically after each project update, if the conditions selected for the alerts in question are met.

To define the conditions for an alert, go to the Alerts menu. If no alerts were previously created, will be prompted to take the New Alert wizard. Else, you have two options for creating a new alert:

  • While in the Alerts menu, select New Alert from the top drop-down menu
  • Go to Alerts -> Alert Manager menu and press the Add button

Once the alert is created, you can preview the content in a local HTML file, you can rename the alert, duplicate or remove it. Also, you can Enable or Disable an alert at any time you want or edit its settings at any time.

By default, alerts are created for the current project. To make them available in all projects, you need to define them as a global

How to create a global alert

In order to make an alert available globally, for all your projects, you need to enable the Make this Alert global option when creating the alert.

If you have already created the alert for the current project, you need to select the desired alert from the top drop-down menu, press the Duplicate button at the top and select the Make alert available in all projects (global alert) option.

How to edit an existing alert

To edit an alert, click on the Alerts menu and choose the one you are interested in from the top drop-down list.

  • Alert Settings - In this grid, you can customize the alert title, the CSS style and the name of the HTML file that is generated when the alert is triggered.
  • Output and Layout Options - This section allows you to choose the specific website, keywords and search engines for which you want to receive the alert.
  • Alert Filters - In this section, you can filter the results showed by your alert by applying a different value to the alert type.
  • Send alert by email - This grid allows you to enter the email addresses where you want to receive the alert notifications each time they are triggered. In order for this option to be enabled, you need to check the Send Alert by Email option.

How to see the alerts that were triggered

You can see the history and current status of the alerts that were generated, in the Alert History menu. To access it you need to go to the Alerts menu and select Alert History from the top drop-down menu.

The Alert History screen displays all alerts triggered from all projects, regardless of the project currently loaded in the UI.

Clicking on an alert name will redirect you to the related interactive report from the Rankings menu. For example, for a visibility alert you will be redirected to the Visibility interactive report.

There are 3 filters available in the Alert History:

  • View All - This filter displays all the alerts generated in Advanced Web Ranking. Alerts that were not viewed yet are displayed in bold.
  • Unviewed Alerts - When this filter is applied, only the alerts that were not viewed yet will be displayed in this section.
  • Viewed Alerts - This filter shows you only the alerts that were already viewed.

How to manage the alerts created only for the current project

You can manage the SERP alerts defined for the current project from the Alerts -> Alert Manager menu.

In this screen, you will be able to create new alerts and edit, duplicate or remove them. From the Alert Manager you can also enable or disable the existing alerts.

How to add/remove a tab from Favorites

The Favorites feature of Advanced Web Ranking you are able to create a quick accessing dashboard with the application tabs you find most useful for your daily routine.

You can pin your most used tabs in Advanced Web Ranking using the pin icon at the top of the screen and create your collection of Favorite tabs.

To unpin a tab and remove it from Favorites, you need to use the same Pin button at the top of the screen.

Favorite tabs are available globally in the application, for all projects.

How to access my pinned tabs

To access the Favorites menu, where all your pinned tabs are, you simply need to click the star button at the top of the application window.

Favorite tabs