Saver Packs

It is our desire to help you to reduce costs and increase return of investment even more by giving you the option to purchase our products at discounted prices. So when shopping please look for the following saver packs:

Caphyon Products

As an existing Advanced Web Ranking customer you will enjoy a significant 50% discount off the regular license price for Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Stats. The newly purchased licenses will also come with a 12-months Maintenance Plan.

Maintenance Extensions

Extend your Maintenance Plan before it expires and enjoy a much lower price than when renewing it after its expiration date.

24-month Maintenance Extensions

Before your current Maintenance Plan expires, keep your application up-to-date by extending it with a 2-year Maintenance Plan and receive a significant 10% discount off the regular maintenance price.

Volume Discounts

Purchase two or more licenses, upgrades or maintenance plans and enjoy discounts of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 30% off the regular prices. Save thousands of dollars by buying in bulk.

The discounting is strictly limited to orders for multiple licenses placed in a single transaction. The discount rates are:

  • 2-4 licenses = 5% discount off the total price
  • 5-9 licenses = 10% discount off the total price
  • 10-49 licenses = 15% discount off the total price
  • 50-99 licenses = 20% discount off the total price
  • 100 or more licenses = 30% discount off the total price