From Desktop to Cloud – a smooth rank tracking evolution

Enhanced by web accessibility options, AWR Cloud frees up your schedule, allowing you to get busy with improving ongoing SEO strategies and to grow your business.

Top reasons to switch

Easier rank tracking

With AWR Cloud we're doing the updates for you. Our own geo-localized proxy servers will provide you with all types of search results, whenever you need.

Unlimited seats

Even with the lowest of our plans, you can allow your clients and coworkers to access the data directly, using their own separate login.

Avoid data storage clutter

Access is no longer limited to a single PC. AWR Cloud stores everything online and allows you to easily access your account from any device.

Cutting-edge whitelabel mode

Whitelabel reports are old news. You can now mask any trace of using a rank tracking software, and welcome clients on your very own SEO platform.

Adaptable environment

Having kept many of the reports and capabilities you are accustomed using in the Desktop version, AWR Cloud feels familiar and easy to get around to.

80% of our AWR Desktop customers have already switched to AWR Cloud

Thousands of our Desktop active users have already transitioned to AWR Cloud. Join them!

We are here to welcome you to Cloud!

Custom Demo

Schedule a custom Cloud demo and Q&A session with one of our reps to get started.


We assist you through the entire ranking data history transfer.

Extended Trial

Request extended trial time to transition at your own pace.

Custom Support

Ask for custom support to accommodate your entire team with AWR Cloud.

What they're saying

Julien Beaulieu avatar

We were long time customers of AWR’s desktop version. In time, our needs evolved and we needed to move over to a more efficient and functionally robust platform that also made it easy to share rankings with clients. AWR Cloud met our quality demands.

Chris Ashton avatar

Around 18 months ago and migrated from Desktop to the Cloud version as our team and client list grew. A simple user interface with more advanced options if we need them and 24/7 access from any web browser. All of this combined with the ability to whitelabel means we can offer this to our clients as well, saving us a lot of time and effort every week as they can view and export their own data whenever they like. It really is a must-have application for any serious agency and well worth the money.

Chris Ashton - SEO Manager, Kymodo
Kyle Sanders avatar

After testing nearly every tool on the market, we went with AWR; the decision was easy. The ability to add localization to rank tracking has been a huge win across the board. For our agency, AWR Cloud is indispensable and I can't believe we didn't switch sooner.

Got questions? We have answers:

Can I transfer desktop data to AWR Cloud?

Yes. You can migrate projects with 12 months of historical rankings from Advanced Web Ranking desktop. The data upload will include your custom search engine locations and keyword groups.

If you want to upload more than 12 months of historical rankings to the cloud, feel free to contact our support team.

Can I transfer the credit from my maintenance plan?

Yes. If you have a valid maintenance plan at the time when you subscribe for AWR Cloud, the price will be calculated on a pro-rated basis. This will take into account the remaining credit for the months of maintenance plan unused.

Do I still need to pay maintenance renewal?

No. When you are using an AWR Cloud subscription and the ranking updates are performed online, the maintenance plan renewal is no longer required to get access to the latest search engine definition updates.

Will my rankings be accurate?

Definitely! AWR Cloud works with the same human emulation mechanism with which you are already familiar from the desktop application. The service uses geo-located proxies, being able to offer you location based rank tracking data with pin-point accuracy.

What does a cloud subscription include?

All AWR Cloud subscription offer automatic keyword and competitor tracking, organic / local / mobile / universal results, Google Data integration, SEO reports and unlimited users. Starting from the Agency level, subscriptions include a free API key that you can use in order to export data in csv or json.

How many keywords can I monitor?

The number of keywords will depend on the AWR Cloud plan that you choose. The plans start from 2,000 keyword updated weekly (or 286 keyword updated daily) on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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