Setting up the Whitelabel mode

By enabling the whitelabel mode in AWR Cloud, you'll re-brand your reports and share them with your clients, using your own domain name and logo. It will look like you're using your in-house rank tracking software.

  • A subdomain on your website, that your clients will access to login to their Cloud accounts;
  • An SMTP system configured for sending the emails. If you are not using the company SMTP mail server, the white labelling mode also works with Google email addresses;
  • The company logo uploaded on your website.

To enable the whitelabel mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account Settings -> Whitelabel tab;
  2. Click on each section to expand it, and fill in all the required details;
  3. Hit Save whitelabel settings for the changes to take place. For the SMTP section, you can perform a quick test, to confirm that the connection to the mail server is successful, using the Test SMTP settings button.

When using the full AWR Cloud whitelabel mode, your clients will see your domain name and company logo in the reports you share. Also, the invitations and reporting notification emails will be sent from your own email address.

Custom subdomain setup guidelines

The subdomain setup is dependent on your hosting provider. What you need to do is locate the DNS settings and create a CNAME DNS record for your new subdomain (e.g. to target

You can find more details about the whitelabeling requirements by clicking on the information icon next to the related sections. Also, some examples for a few hosting providers can be found by accessing the following link

Recommended SMTP settings for using Gmail as a custom server

If you want to use your Gmail address to deliver reports, this is the recommended setup when configuring the whitelabel SMTP settings:

  1. SMTP Server:
  2. SMTP Port: 465
  3. SMTP Security: SSL
  4. SMTP username: your gmail address
  5. SMTP password: your gmail password
  6. Sender email address: your gmail address

More details about Google's recommended SMTP configuration when it comes to sending emails from a third party app can be accessed here.

Do I need a higher subscription to whitelabel my reports?

No. You can fully use AWR Cloud with whitelabel mode enabled, no matter what subscription plan you are using. Also, this feature is available to test during the 30-day trial.

Do I have to repeat these steps every time I add a new client to my account?

Enabling the whitelabel mode is a one-time setup process.

All users that you further add will access their accounts using the custom entered subdomain, and receive the invitations or report notifications from the sender email address added when configuring the SMTP server.

Can I add setup the Whitelabel mode for more than one domain?

No. You can enable and set it up for one domain per account. However, you can send branded reports, including the company logo and a customized footer using the Branded Templates available in the Reporting system.