Add a new website

To add a new website, simply click on the Home button from the top-left corner of the screen to open the Websites list. Then, click on the Add website button and follow the 4 steps of the wizard:

  • Type in your main website URL and define a name for your project. While still here, choose the project country, frequency and depth for your updates.
  • Enter your project keywords. You can either do this manually, adding them one per line, or use our suggestions instead;
  • Next, it's time to choose the search engines - stick with the popular ones (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and/or find ones that are better suited;
  • Add your own competitor domains, or use our suggestions instead.

Once you are happy with the project settings, finalize the process by hitting Add website.

Fresh rankings will be available according to the update frequency you have chosen.

Here's a short video with the steps mentioned above that might come in handy when adding a new website:

How many websites can I add in my account?

There is no limitation on the number of websites you can monitor in AWR Cloud. You can create and add as many as you need, depending on the plan you're using and the available keyword units quota.

Delete a website

To remove a website, click on the Home button to access the Websites screen.

Select the one you need to remove from the list, click on the Manage button from the top menu and Delete Websites.

To remove multiple projects at once, simply check multiple Websites and follow the steps above or see the video below.

Can I restore a previously deleted website?

No. Once removed from your account, a project cannot be restored and all the historical ranking data associated will be lost.

I've just added a new website. How long before I see fresh rankings?

Once a new project was created, the fresh rankings will be delivered on a scheduled basis, according to the selected frequency:

  • daily - on a 24h basis;
  • weekly - each Wednesday (4 times a month);
  • biweekly - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (twice a month);
  • monthly - 1st Wednesday of the month

When creating a new project, the initial update is triggered and the first set of rankings will be made available depending on the scheduler frequency.

How to import data from external sources

You can upload files with your historical ranking data from external sources, by accessing the Settings -> project name settings -> Export/Import -> Import.

Upload the .csv files with your historical rankings here and add one per each project.

The files to be uploaded for import, are required to have as minimum information:

  • Websites (domains or the ranking URL). You can add competitors as well. Please make sure to create a unique csv file for each project (main website to be tracked and competitors)
  • Keywords
  • Search engines (country level defined or localized) - AWR Cloud supports custom location search engines
  • Ranking history dates

We will import the data into new projects using the data provided in the CSV file.

Please download the sample file that contains the recommended layout. If you don't have access to the Import feature, please contact us.

If you need to upload your AWR Desktop projects, check out the sync option.

Where can I see all my websites?

Just click on the small Home button in the top left corner of the screen and you will open the Websites screen.

Here you will access a quick overview of each project created, showing its performance in the search, the update frequency, the next update date and the number of keywords and search engines tracked.

Here, you can perform the following project changes:

Change main website

To replace the current main website for a project, with a new one, first you need to add it as a competitor to the project in question.

To do this, go to the Settings -> project name settings -> Competitors menu and add the new website.

Then, to switch it as main website, go to Website Settings and using the top drop-down select it from the list, then hit Save website settings.

This way, the competitor will become the main website of the project, and all its rankings history will be kept.

What is an alias and what happens if I change the default one?

The website alias represents the URL to be tracked during the updating process. When you add a new website (either main or a competitor), the application automatically adds the alias with the wildcard character (*) to substitute any website URL variations that can be found in SERP:

  • sub1.
  • sub2.

The alias will be automatically added as *

If you replace the current alias, the application will track rankings for the website alias you define.

Website tags - add projects to individual groups

You can easily group your AWR Cloud projects by assigning them tags and easily monitor their overall ranking performance.

This feature may come in handy when you have to filter your projects considering given clients or when you simply need to remember something particular for a certain project.

Export all account data

When exporting your project data to a csv file, you have the ability to choose whether the file contains the historical ranking information only for the current project, custom ones or globally, for all projects.

While in the export wizard - Settings -> project name settings -> Export, choose All Websites and All data, to export all your current AWR Cloud project information.

Track competitor websites

To include another website to one of the existing projects, you can add it as a competitor and track rankings for the same keywords, across the added search engines. You can either add the competitors right from the start, when you create the project, or add them on later (as your competition priorities change).

If you want to add them to an existing project, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings -> project name settings -> Competitors menu;
  2. Click [Add Competitors] button from the top right corner of the screen;
  3. Type your competitors or copy-paste them from a file. Make sure to add one website per line;
  4. Hit Add to finish the process.

Can I get competitor suggestions for my main website?

When you create a new project in AWR Cloud, the last step of the wizard allows you to add your own competitor URLs or use our suggestions.

To add even more, you can use the Top Sites found in SERP. These are the websites found when querying the search engines.

You can access them by navigating to the Rankings menu -> Website Ranking -> Top Sites. Furthermore, select the domains you need to add to your Competitors list by simply clicking on the “+” button.

Removing a competitor

Open the Settings -> project name settings -> Competitors menu of the project in question and select the websites you wish to remove. When at least one competitor is selected, the manager will be enabled.

Next, click on the Manage competitors button , choose Delete selected and confirm the removal.

How can I differentiate between competitor websites?

AWR Cloud allows you to assign a different color to each competitor website added to your project.

To change the color follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings -> project name settings -> Competitors menu
  2. Select the competitor for which you wish to change the color
  3. Click on the Manage competitors button, select the change color option and choose the new color.