Types of users in AWR Cloud

To maintain your team's productivity and streamline your client reporting workflow, you can invite your clients and coworkers to join AWR Cloud.

Once this is done, share online ranking data and reports with them, enjoying 100% privacy of your data.

There are 4 types of users in AWR Cloud with different permission levels:

  • Owner - the account owner or the super user is unique and has full application access, being the only one who can view and edit the billing information;
  • Administrators - the admin can access and manage all account projects or grant permissions to team members and customers;
  • Team Members - by default, they have read/write access to the assigned projects;
  • Customers - read-only access to the assigned projects.

Adding new users

To add a new user to your account, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click to expand the top-right corner user menu and choose Users;
  2. Hit +Invite users and enter the recipient's first name, last name and email address;
  3. Edit the invitation subject and message body they will receive, then send the invite.

An email will be sent to each user, with the customized activation URL. To access their account, they will be required to activate it first and set up a password.

Until the users accept the invitations, their status will be pending. Once the activation is complete, the newly invited Customer will not have access to any projects, and it will be labeled to access reports only (AWR Cloud reports sent to their email address).

After the Customer has been assigned one project, the status will change to active.

With access to at least one project, the Customer can be promoted:

  • add to team - to become a regular Team Member and have read/write access for the assigned project and reporting system. A team member can change inputs, such as adding or removing keywords/search engines/competitors for the project they are assigned to, create new projects or invite clients.
  • make admin

Remove users

To remove an administrator, team member or a customer user account, access the Users menu from the top-right corner of the screen, click the Settings icon corresponding to the user in question, then Delete.

How many users can I add to my Cloud account?

For each AWR Cloud account, you can invite and create as many admins, team members or customers as you like, with no additional costs.

Can you guarantee my data security?

Yes. In order to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, we use SSL encryption technology.

On the other hand, as owner of the account, you can control the data privacy by choosing the project access level for each invited user.