What types of subscriptions are available?

AWR Cloud has 4 plans available, each with a different number of resources built for multiple business needs.

  • Enterprise - 35,500 keyword units weekly or 5,070 keywords updated daily
  • Agency - 14,500 kwds/weekly or 2,070 kwds/daily
  • Pro - 7,000 kwds/weekly or 1,000 kwds/daily
  • Starter - 2,000 kwds/weekly or 286 kwds/daily

You can find more details about each plan by navigating to the application User Menu from the upper left corner -> Upgrade, or by accessing the Plans page from our website.

What happens if my keywords exceed the monthly units quota?

You are in full and permanent control of the keyword units level associated to your subscription. You can always check your units consumption status, by clicking on the Resources bar within your account (bottom left corner of the screen).

When the keyword units consumption reaches 90% of the monthly resources available, you will receive an automatic email notification.

Your account will not be upgraded automatically to the next subscription level, unless you perform the Upgrade action manually, from your Account Settings.

If you choose not to upgrade your subscription, and keep the account with the keyword units maxed out, the application will gather rankings only for a part of your keywords, until the maximum quota is reached.

Do lower plans have less features than the higher ones?

All AWR Cloud plans come with all features included.

The exception is the Developer API, which is only available for the Agency and Enterprise monthly subscriptions, as well as all Yearly plans (Starter and Pro included).

The difference between the plans consists in the keyword units allowance, configured to meet multiple business levels.

How does the 30-day trial work?

You can sign up for a FREE trial on any of available plans - from Starter to Enterprise, depending on the keyword ranking updates requirements.

For 30 days, you get to see how the application works, test all features and functionalities, take advantage of all updates and search engine definitions, as well as full the customer support service. Sounds tempting? Sign up and give it a try!

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription plan?

Of course! Using the top right corner user menu -> Upgrade section, simply Upgrade or Downgrade your plan whenever you like.

For any subscription modification, you will not be charged extra. The price is calculated using the most recent costs incurred by the customer and the next subscription level amount.

From the first day of the charge, you’ll get an extra 30 days of active subscription.

Can I cancel my account?

The account can be cancelled at any time, by clicking the "Cancel my account" button in the profile-plans page of your Cloud account. Once removed, you will not be billed again.

If you decide at a later moment to sign up for a new AWR Cloud account, this cannot be completed using the same email address. By design, one email can be used for an AWR Cloud account only once.

How long is the account data stored after the account is no longer active?

After the trial expires, we keep the account data in our system for 30 more days, but the end user is not able to access it, unless he subscribes to one of the AWR Cloud available plans.

After this time, for privacy reasons, if the account is still inactive, it will automatically be disabled, and the associated data will be removed from our servers.

I have just paid for my subscription, but my account still seems to be during 'trial'. Why?

Usually it takes a little while before the app registers the payment. To hurry the process, you need to sign out and then log back in to your AWR Cloud account. If the issue persists, please contact us or Avangate, our payment processor.

How can I change my account billing information

To change the selected payment method or the company billing address, you need to log in to your shopper account at Avangate eCommerce, using the email you entered in Avangate, not necessarily the one you're using to sign in to AWR Cloud), then access "myAccount" section.

If you need assistance on editing the credit card details, you can also contact Avangate directly. You can email them at support@avangate.com or call them at:

  • +31 88 000 0008 - (24 hour support) International
  • (650) 963 - 5701 - USA and Canada

Replacement of payment details can also be completed using AWR Cloud's account shortcut. Access the top right corner user menu -> Edit payment info. This will redirect you to myAccount shopper section from Avangate.

For more questions and answers on online payments and order issues, you can directly contact us or check the Avangate Shopper Support FAQ.

How does the Free plan work?

You can use the AWR Cloud Free plan, as long as you want and explore the core application features and functionalities. No sign up fee, no credit card required.

The Cloud Free version has the following resources available: 10 weekly keyword units, 10 reports, 1 project.

If you need more keyword units or gain access to one of the missing features, you can upgrade to one of the AWR Cloud available subscriptions at any time.

How can I upgrade from a Free Plan?

If you decide to start using one of AWR Cloud plans, just access the user menu from the top right corner -> Upgrade and click “Start my FREE trial” for the plan you further need to use. Then, you will start the 30-day application trial.

Can I use my Desktop license code to subscribe to AWR Cloud?

No. AWR Desktop and Cloud are two different applications, the first one has a lifetime license, and the Cloud is a subscription based web service. The Desktop and Cloud features are separate.

However, they were designed to synchronize themselves and you can use both in one powerful SEO kit. They can be used independently as well, though.

You can sign in from Desktop with your Cloud account, migrate all your Desktop projects onto the Cloud, and the other way around - download the data from AWR Cloud to Desktop.