Connect a Facebook page to AWR Cloud

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. From the Settings -> project name settings -> Social menu. Here, click on Connect with Facebook, authorize AWR Cloud to access your account and select the Facebook page you like from the drop-down.
  2. Accessing the Social -> Facebook menu and clicking on the Connect Facebook button. You'll be redirected to Settings -> project name settings menu and here, just follow the steps mentioned in the scenario above.
  3. From the Social -> Overview menu hit the Connect button from the Facebook section. Then, follow the instructions from step 1.

Sync Twitter with AWR Cloud

To sync your Twitter account with AWR Cloud, go to Settings -> project name settings -> Social menu.

Here, click on Connect with Twitter and authorize AWR Cloud to access your account.

There are 2 other ways to access the Settings -> project name settings -> Social menu:

  1. From the Social -> Overview menu, by clicking on the Connect button from the Twitter section.
  2. From the Social -> Twitter menu by clicking on Connect Twitter button.

Facebook page sync requirements

The AWR Cloud account owner is the only one who can perform the sync with the Social platforms for the projects added.

For Facebook, for example, each Cloud account uses an unique token back in our database to retrieve the social metrics. Only one Facebook account can be synced with AWR Cloud.

To add multiple Facebook pages (each for the related project), the Cloud account owner needs to ask the owner of each Facebook page permission to access the data (just like when you perform the sync with GA and GWT and the Cloud owner sends a permission request to the third party accounts).

In order to gain access to your clients' Facebook pages, contact the FB page administrators and ask them to add your account email as user on the selected pages.

Here's a video that shows you how to grant permissions to a Facebook page:

This way, once the AWR Cloud and Facebook accounts are synced, a list with all the pages you have access to will be displayed. Next step will be to choose which page to connect with which project.

Once I authorize AWR Cloud to access my social profiles, will there be any posts/tweets about my AWR Cloud activity?

No. Connecting AWR Cloud with Facebook and Twitter does not imply automatic posting/tweeting.

By agreeing the terms and services, it means that the data available in your Facebook and Twitter accounts will not be compromised.

It's a standard procedure which both Facebook and Twitter requires when connecting with another app. These are Facebook and Twitter's terms.

Difference between the social shares from the Social -> Overview menu and the Twitter and Facebook values.

The Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest shares are gathered and updated only for the URL entered in the main Website's settings, not for the entire domain.

On the other hand, the Twitter and Facebook values are retrieved from your social accounts after syncing them with AWR Cloud.

Can I connect other social profiles with AWR Cloud besides Facebook and Twitter?

For the time being we only have Facebook and Twitter integration with AWR Cloud.

However, in the Social menu -> Activity section, you can see the the number of shares you have for the website you are tracking without having to connect the application with the associated social profiles.