Add new keywords to an existing project

When creating a new project in AWR Cloud, the wizard requires entering the keywords you would further need to see search engine positions for.

Add keywords

  1. Go to settings -> project name settings -> Keywords menu
  2. Click on Add keywords button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Enter the keywords you want to track, either manually, by typing one keyword per row, or by copy-pasting them from a file
  4. Click the Add button to complete the process.

The list of keywords will be immediately added to your project, and the rankings will be gathered the next time your project is updated.

Remove keywords from one project

If you no longer need to update some of the keywords added to a project, you can easily remove them at any time.

To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings -> project name settings -> Keywords menu
  2. Select the keywords you wish to remove
  3. Using the Manage Keywords button, choose Delete selected and confirm removal.

Add keywords to a new group

There are 2 ways to do this:

Straight from the New keywords wizard that you can access from Settings -> project name settings -> Keywords -> Add keywords.

After adding the list of terms and phrases to be tracked, the wizard will allow you to assign them to a new or existing group. All there's left to do is click Add to finish the process.

  • assign to an existing keyword group
  • assign to a new group
  • add or remove them the “Branded” / Non-branded tag

Delete or edit keyword groups

To manage keyword groups go to Settings -> project name settings -> Keywords menu, and click on the All keywords button from the top menu.

The drop-down will display all the keyword groups created and, using the Tag editor button, you can easily rename or remove any of the groups. Hit “Update group” to save the changes.

Assign colors to your keywords

Navigate to Settings -> project name settings -> Keywords menu and select the keyword you wish to change the color for.

After that click on the Manage Keywords -> Change color button from the top menu, choose the new color from the palette, and hit Apply to save the changes.

For more step-by-step details on keyword management in AWR Cloud, have a look on our short video tutorial:

Can I add multiple tags to the same keyword?

Yes, a keyword can be included in more than one group.

For example, it's OK to include your keywords in the “Laptops” category and, at the same time, in the “Electronics” one. Or to monitor how your keywords perform locally by including them both in the "San Francisco" category and a "California" one.

This is exactly why we designed the categories like this - so you can easily focus your strategy on different levels.

How many keywords can I track with AWR Cloud?

The number of keywords you can track depends on the monthly subscription you're using.

You can find out more about the keywords available for each subscription in our FAQ page.

Can I restore a deleted keyword?

No, once removed from your project a keyword cannot be restored. Also, all the historical ranking data associated is removed.

How can I get keyword suggestions?

To see keyword suggestions to be further tracked by AWR Cloud you can use the Google Webmaster Tools integration and access straight from AWR Cloud the Search Console keyword ideas.

Navigate to Google -> Keywords section of the project in question and, if you want to further track rankings for any of these keywords, you can simply add them to your project:

  • select the keywords and click on the Add keyword button from the top of the list
  • assign the keywords to a keyword group (not mandatory)
  • press the Add button to confirm the change