Import AWR Desktop historical data to AWR Cloud

AWR Desktop and AWR Cloud can be used as standalone software applications. If you no longer want to store and perform the ranking updates locally, using Desktop only, you can easily import the historical rankings directly to Cloud.

Here are the steps you need to follow to sync the two apps and upload the projects to Cloud:

  1. Open the Desktop application and, using the upper right corner cloud icon, choose “Sign In”
  2. Enter your AWR Cloud account credentials in the newly opened browser window and log in
  3. Return to AWR Desktop and click “OK” to authorize the sync
  4. Click again on the cloud icon while still in AWR Desktop and choose the “Upload projects” option
  5. Adjust the Date range, Projects and preferred Country to be uploaded to AWR Cloud
  6. Confirm the upload by hitting “OK”

By design, the project website, search engine and keyword settings will be preserved during the import. Up to 1 year of historical ranking data is allowed for transfer, but if you need to upload more, feel free to contact our support team.

Upload projects to AWR Cloud from multiple computers where AWR Desktop is installed

To import the entire ranking database stored locally on every PC where Desktop is installed, sync and upload the data gradually, for each Desktop license at a time.

Rinse and repeat until you have all the data uploaded to the AWR Cloud account!

Calculate the amount of required units before uploading the projects from AWR Desktop

You can see the exact number of keywords that each Desktop project would consume for scheduled Cloud updates using the Resources calculator in AWR Desktop, from the upper right corner menu.

When uploading the projects ranking data to AWR Cloud, you will be prompted to individually confirm the amount of units required for weekly updates.

Will my keyword settings be preserved when uploaded from AWR Desktop?

Both the keyword colors and group preferences are preserved when transferred to AWR Cloud.

However, if in AWR Desktop you track upper case keywords, they will be automatically switched to lower case when transferred to AWR Cloud.

I uploaded the projects from Desktop, but rankings are not showing in my Cloud account. Why?

The Desktop -> Cloud rankings upload process might take up to a few hours, depending on the number of selected projects / inputs and date range.

During this process, when navigating to one of the Rankings menu sections from AWR Cloud, you’ll see the “Work in progress” full window message or missing ranking dates.

Can I move to Cloud only part of the projects tracked in AWR Desktop?

Of course! You can choose to upload all your projects or only part of them. We recommend to upload all the actively updated projects to Cloud, so you no longer have to manage the update process locally, using Desktop.

Can I monitor keywords for international clients?

Yes. You can monitor keywords with special characters across 50+ countries from the American, Asian, European and African search engine markets, with support for local search engines like Yandex, Baidu, and more.

I can't choose the frequency of scheduled updates when transferring Desktop projects to Cloud.

The projects will be, by design, set to automatically update on a “Weekly” basis and display fresh rankings every Wednesday. The option can be easily changed at any time to perform daily, biweekly or monthly scheduled updates, when the project has finished uploading.

I can only upload to Cloud up to one year from my Desktop rankings history. Will I lose access to the previous data?

Definitely not! The project update history will not be deleted from your locally installed Desktop database. You are free to access the rankings gathered prior to the uploaded year at any time you require.

For comparison and trend summary purposes, in AWR Cloud, you can use the last 12 months rankings from Desktop.

Integrate Google Analytics and Search Console stats in ranking reports

AWR Cloud offers the possibility to correlate rank tracking data with your Analytics and Search Console stats. This way, you can see how the search visibility progress influences the visits and CTR that your website receives over time.

Can I customize reports?

Definitely! We know that each SEO agency has different reporting needs. This is why AWR Cloud helps you with advanced customization options that allow you to build beautiful reports with the valuable insights that you want to share with your clients.

Can I use my company logo to fully personalize the client reports?

Of course! You can fully white label the reports and user accounts for your clients, to make your brand shine! The various levels of white labeling start from applying your logo and company name of the report files, up to having your clients accessing their data through a custom domain name like

Do you offer custom plans for enterprise clients?

Yes. You can easily scale your plan to monitor hundred thousands of keywords with an Enterprise Custom plan tailored to your needs.

Is there a free AWR Cloud trial available for Desktop clients?

Yes. As a desktop customer of Advanced Web Ranking, you will enjoy an extended free trial of AWR Cloud of 60 days, instead of the standard period of 1 month. During this time, you have the possibility to transfer your rank tracking data to the cloud account and generate reports automatically for your clients.

Are there discounts available?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for all yearly based subscriptions of AWR Cloud. In addition, yearly plans come with the possibility to make the payment via wire transfer with 30 days invoice, instead of credit card.

Do I lose access to my Desktop license key after subscribing to AWR Cloud?

Of course not! You can continue to use the commercial license key that you have purchased. The desktop application will be at the version and search engine definition level covered by your most recent maintenance plan renewal.

What plan is suited for me?

AWR Cloud plans are differentiated by the number of keywords and search engines that you can monitor. Check our resources calculator to find the best plan that suits your rank tracking needs.

Can I use both applications at the same time?

Yes. You can keep the desktop application synchronized with AWR Cloud, and access the data from both sides. The cloud account will behave as a server: rankings will be downloaded to the desktop application automatically, and all input changes made on either side will be reflected in both platforms.