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Google Analytics integration

Traffic coming to your website is the best indicator of an effective SEO campaign. AWR Cloud combines traffic stats with rank tracking data, so you can easily associate your SEO efforts with your traffic performance.

  • Measure the revenue generated by each traffic source.
  • Correlate traffic with visibility score and other rank metrics.
  • See traffic data in your ranking reports.
Google analytics integration screenshot
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See how many visits your keywords actually get with...

Google Webmaster Tools integration

Compare the estimated search volume of a keyword with the number of clicks the term actually receives to discover which keywords are worth focusing your optimization efforts on.

  • Identify the keywords with biggest traffic returns.
  • See exactly where you rank for each keyword.
  • Visualize keywords performance over time.

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Just want to say what a brilliant product you've created in AWR Cloud. We're really happy with it, as well your proactive approach towards upgrades, improvements and customer service, so thank you!

Christian Goodrich - SOZO Design Ltd

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