When Guest Posting Seems Impossible…

Every task seems difficult at first and slowly becomes easier after repeating it a few times. You learn, you practice and as the adage says, you get closer and closer to perfection.

But the struggle of the first attempt is many times too harsh and you could use a helping hand to come to the rescue.

When I first considered starting to do some guest posting, I hit a brick wall. I had a post written and I didn’t know what to do with it. Where to turn and who to ask to publish my post?

Finding a suited home for my post and someone to trust me enough to let me guest post on their blog was a torment.

But soon this torment ended.

I came to realize that I must look for the other guest bloggers out there and do what they did. And so I found this forum where bloggers and blog owners alike are switching offers and binding partnerships.

It is called My Blog Guest and it’s been founded by the very popular guest blogger, Ann Smarty.

This community is supposed to make guest posting accessible to everybody. And for me, it worked!

After joining My Blog Guest I began to see things clearer. I was able to understand what my options were, to make the needed connections and to get myself moving.

Thus, I proudly became a guest blogger!

So, hoping that you will find it as enlightening and useful as I did, let me give you a quick run through the things you can do as a member of this community.

1.  Get offers for your written articles

If you’ve written some nice articles and you would like to publish them, there is a special thread on this

forum where you can post them for the blog owners to see. The blogs interested in your articles will give you an offer and you can choose the one that suits you best.

2.  Find blogs that are accepting guest posts

The blogs that are accepting guest posts are posting here their offers and you can see them all structured, according to their domain of interest. You can check out the blogs, contact and discuss with the blog owners and set up partnerships.

3.  Get hired as a blogger

You also have the possibility to make long term blogging commitments. In the Forums there is a special thread for hiring and getting hired as a full time blogger. So, if you have the time and skills, you can commit to writing on a long term base, for a blog and get paid.

4.  Have all the tools you need for guest posting

Aside from the fact that it brings together both sides of the blogosphere, My Blog Guest makes guest blogging easier. In other words, it gives you all the tools you need to perform on spot, all the actions required: from starting the conversation with your partners, negotiating the partnership, keeping track of your connections, writing the post or sending it to its recipient.

5.  Get post-publishing help to promote your articles

As part of this community, after writing a guest post, you are not alone. You can ask the other members for their help to promote your article and to increase its visibility online.  In the Forums, there is also a special thread called “Help needed”, where you can post your article and the other members will tweet, share and link to your article.

6.  Receive advice and support from a trusted community

If you have been in the online world long enough you know that authority is an important part of any online relationship. And being part of a trusted community gives you a great advantage in determining yours.

On the other hand, you can meet other bloggers to share your experiences with, find some inspiration and learn new techniques and methods to use.

Now, tell me, how do you feel about guest posting having all this help?

Doesn’t it feel much easier, knowing that you are not alone?

Don’t hesitate to tweet your thoughts or write your comments below.


Author: Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. She is passionate about her job and always in a mood to chat about SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media. She tweets the news at @awebranking and @dana_loiz.

5 thoughts on “When Guest Posting Seems Impossible…”

  1. My Blog Guest forum is one of the best possible places to get a jump start on an effective guest blogging program. Not only will anyone find great blogs to add their posts to but they can get some outstanding 100% original content there.

    I happened along to My Blog Guest forum several months ago and being a member of a great community has been 100% beneficial. Substance no hype all the way through.

  2. MBG is seriously a cool website. i am a member with them for long time but only recent days i am using it. Started to get good response from active guest posting bloggers.. worthy and must try to get an helping hand by fellow bloggers. Great review btw.



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