Here at Caphyon we have a customer oriented business. We always listen to our customers and most of the features from our products reflect the valuable feedback received from them.

AWR, advanced web ranking.

We always strive to give our customers what they’re looking for and make them happy with our products and service. This is why we took one step further today and started this blog.

What do we want to achieve with this blog?

From the beginning we want to make clear the reasons why we decided to start this blog. We want to:

  • inform and educate our customers on how to best take advantage of Advanced Web Ranking to improve their website rankings
  • improve communication with our customers and make them feel more comfortable using our product
  • receive feedback about how our customers use and interact with our product
  • add personality to our brand, giving you a more personalized product and service

An impediment for starting blogging earlier was the fact that it’s very important to find the right person to write these articles. That’s because the right person to blog is not always the person who knows the product best. The right person also needs to have the ability to write well and make things easier for you to understand.

That is why we decided to encourage multiple folks from our team to post and you should expect to see sometimes informal posting, but most of the time, comprehensive information and advanced tips and tricks.

Here are some of the benefits of reading this blog:

  • learn more about Advanced Web Ranking, read tips and best practices
  • stay up to date with the latest product and search engines changes
  • get links to helpful resources

If you like what you read please subscribe and let us know what you think. Any suggestions or questions you may have are welcome.

The Advanced Web Ranking Team

  1. when will the step-by-step tutorials and webinars for ALM (advanced link manager) take place?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Soon we will release the Advanced Link Manager Blog, which will be used to inform and educate our customers on how to best take advantage of Advanced Link Manager. We will also improve the ALM User Guide with more Step-by-Step tutorials. Since the version 4.7 a new tutorial is available in our User Guide, Find new link partners.


  2. Good luck with the new blog!

    Having used your products for several years its great to see the new blog which should give us further hints and tips for usage of the products, they often evolve so quickly it can be hard to keep up.

    If the blog is as good as your your customer support then we should be in for a treat.

    Martyn Fewtrell

  3. Congratulations on the launch of this blog. As with everything Caphyon does, it is excellent.

    It will probably make at least some sections of the forum redundant but that is not a problem.

  4. How many keywords/phrases can be tracked on AWR – can’t seem to find this answer anywhere? I’m in the process of building our campaign but need an indication on the limit……I’d imagine there must be one?

    1. There is no limit for keywords, search engines or websites that you can use in Advanced Web Ranking.

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