How to 3X eCommerce Sales with Pinterest Buyable Pins

Pinterest is now more than just a social networking site where people look for new ideas and inspiration. It is currently one of the top online shopping platforms that drives a huge amount of sales for businesses. A study conducted by Shopify found that the referral traffic to Shopify stores from Pinterest and Twitter are … Continue reading "How to 3X eCommerce Sales with Pinterest Buyable Pins"

Google Analytics Tips for Ecommerce

The stakes are high. Really high. Global retail ecommerce was worth $1.55 trillion USD in 2015 (that’s trillion with a “T”), and it’s predicted to top $4 trillion by 2020. By comparison, it brought in “only” $342.96 billion in the United States last year. Amazon held the top spot with $79.3 billion in annual sales, followed … Continue reading "Google Analytics Tips for Ecommerce"