How to Make a Better Than Viral Video

Viral videos are like the alchemy of online marketing and networking. No one is exactly sure how to make a video turn into viral gold every time, but they know that if they could do it consistently, they would be insanely wealthy. What comes to your mind when thinking about viral videos? Cats? Harlem Shake? … Continue reading "How to Make a Better Than Viral Video"

7 Tips for Running Powerful Pinterest Contests

Pinterest is a great site to drive engagement on, as 80% of the pins on the network are repins. And this engagement can be escalated to higher levels by running contests. Well run contests can have a positive effect on your business. If your contest is put into work effectively, it can help you generate … Continue reading "7 Tips for Running Powerful Pinterest Contests"

A 2013 Approach to Inbound Marketing

Online marketing is becoming increasingly exciting. As Google rolls out updates promoting quality over spam, we as marketers can really start to earn our job titles. Whether that’s through digital PR, content marketing or modern link building, the opportunities for us have never been more diverse. Now the search engines are saying “We don’t want … Continue reading "A 2013 Approach to Inbound Marketing"

How SEO at a Startup is a Little Like Beauty & The Beast

Working at a startup in any capacity is constantly challenging and rewarding. But does SEO really differ whether you’re working at an agency with Fortune 100 clients or building a team at a start up? Having worked in house at a small B2B e-commerce company, a well known digital agency working with the above mentioned … Continue reading "How SEO at a Startup is a Little Like Beauty & The Beast"

5 Twitter Mistakes That Make Your Followers Ignore You

Have you ever felt enormously frustrated that your hard built follower base is simply ignoring your tweets day after day? Could it be that you are doing something wrong that simply drives everyone away? Let me give you a few things to think about. First of all, you need to put yourself in the shoes … Continue reading "5 Twitter Mistakes That Make Your Followers Ignore You"

Effectively Using Pinterest for Your Business

Many SEOs jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon when it first appeared in 2010 because it offered a wealth of free do-follow links. Even though Pinterest now uses rel=nofollow, except for the link in your bio, it still has potential to generate benefits for your online business, just in a different way. Pinterest is an excellent … Continue reading "Effectively Using Pinterest for Your Business"

How to Find Your Most Valuable Twitter Followers

If you want to find out who the most influential Twitter followers are in your community based on retweets and engagement, here are great tools for discovering them. But what if you want to find out which pieces of content on your website attracts the people whose shares on Twitter lead to the most traffic … Continue reading "How to Find Your Most Valuable Twitter Followers"

4 Brilliant Ideas To Master Viral Content

You’re probably happy with your latest post. You’ve worked hard to build up good and useful content and your readers seemed to enjoy it. But still, nothing extraordinary happened, right? You didn’t have thousands of tweets and shares for your post, did you? Nor avalanches of backlinks from people wanting to spread the word… It … Continue reading "4 Brilliant Ideas To Master Viral Content"

How To Neglect Your Social Strategy and Still Be Popular

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development.  Time always being a problem for me, I often find myself in the situation of neglecting some of my tasks. And so, the one specific segment that often gets left out, is social media. Therefore, to … Continue reading "How To Neglect Your Social Strategy and Still Be Popular"

7 Don’ts To Do Well On Social Networks

More and more online businesses are using social networks to increase their online exposure, to increase sales or to increase their rankings (now that it’s confirmed the fact that social sharing is also correlated with search engine rankings). But, are these businesses getting any results? Is this method paying off or is it just a waste … Continue reading "7 Don’ts To Do Well On Social Networks"