Do Links from Social Media Shares Improve SEO?

Link building has been the subject of much debate in the SEO community this past year, largely stemming from John Mueller’s comments that link building is something to stay away from. My perspective is that this quote is somewhat taken out of context – rather than referring to the process of earning and cultivating links, … Continue reading "Do Links from Social Media Shares Improve SEO?"

Social Media Shares: What is Their Actual Value? [Study]

The importance and relevance of social shares and social media in our online marketing efforts must be one of the more frustrating subjects out there for marketers, since we’re still not able to prove how much they weigh in ranking our websites, promoting our brands, or making us visible online. Time and time again studies … Continue reading "Social Media Shares: What is Their Actual Value? [Study]"

Social Media Monitoring Made Easy

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development.  How’s my website doing?, asks the customer. Well, this month we have higher rankings for 10 more keywords on Google. I’d say our effort paid off! Really? That’s strange, ’cause I don’t see that effort in … Continue reading "Social Media Monitoring Made Easy"