Voice Search: SEO in the Age of Conversational Interfaces

Twenty percent of searches in Google’s mobile apps and on Android are voice searches and many of us talk to smart speakers and similar devices every day. Seventy-one percent of smartphone users in the 18-29 age group use mobile personal assistants. In 2017, there were an estimated 33 million voice-first devices in use. Search engine … Continue reading "Voice Search: SEO in the Age of Conversational Interfaces"

What Google Hummingbird Is And Is Not

When Google announced at it’s 15th birthday party that a new search algorithm called Hummingbird had launched about a month prior, many people within the search industry scratched their heads trying to figure out exactly what Google was talking about. Clearly this was significantly different than past updates considering the ”update” went largely unnoticed by … Continue reading "What Google Hummingbird Is And Is Not"

7 Uncommon Best Practices for the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) can be a huge boon for you as an advertiser if you know how to take advantage of it. There are plenty of articles out there about best practices for the GDN, but there are some things they don’t mention that I consider musts. 1. Use Mixed Targeting Adding two … Continue reading "7 Uncommon Best Practices for the Google Display Network"

What if Google Didn’t Exist – SES Conference SF 2013 in Summary

With the recent unfortunate Analytics change (not provided to 100%) and the rain of algorithm updates in the past 18 months, Google seems to make everybody’s life harder. Personally, I think that Google is doing a great job making sure the SERP’s are the stage of the new, creative, and relevant. However, many others suspect … Continue reading "What if Google Didn’t Exist – SES Conference SF 2013 in Summary"

How to Make JavaScript Indexable by Google

We all know how important is to make your content indexable by search engines. However, we also know that design of a website is as important as its content and fancy design usually requires lots of JavaScript. As search engines have difficulties with indexation of JavaScript, it’s possible that search engines won’t be able to … Continue reading "How to Make JavaScript Indexable by Google"

SEO Statistics You Don’t Want to Miss

No matter what you’re researching or trying to justify, when it comes to SEO everything seems to appear as relative. To fight people’s skepticism, their almost instant distrust and demonstrate your SEO strategy, statistics are proven to help. More than that, statistical data helps you understand the trends of today, what other companies are doing … Continue reading "SEO Statistics You Don’t Want to Miss"

The Ultimate Link Profile Analysis with Advanced Web Ranking 9.0v

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. With the latest version of Advanced Web Ranking 9.0 we enhanced the application with link building capabilities never seen before.   We have implemented unique features that will now give you answers to worrying questions like: … Continue reading "The Ultimate Link Profile Analysis with Advanced Web Ranking 9.0v"

Please, Explain These SEO-Metrics!

Since the Linkscape integration in the 8.5 version, Advanced Web Ranking’s reports were flooded with lots of new SEO metrics. As not all people know the meaning of these metrics, I have decided to make this post an explanatory sheet of the seven most important metrics SEOs use. I structured the information as best I … Continue reading "Please, Explain These SEO-Metrics!"

When Guest Posting Seems Impossible…

Every task seems difficult at first and slowly becomes easier after repeating it a few times. You learn, you practice and as the adage says, you get closer and closer to perfection. But the struggle of the first attempt is many times too harsh and you could use a helping hand to come to the … Continue reading "When Guest Posting Seems Impossible…"

7 Don’ts To Do Well On Social Networks

More and more online businesses are using social networks to increase their online exposure, to increase sales or to increase their rankings (now that it’s confirmed the fact that social sharing is also correlated with search engine rankings). But, are these businesses getting any results? Is this method paying off or is it just a waste … Continue reading "7 Don’ts To Do Well On Social Networks"