Are Bing Ads Finally Hitting Their Stride?

Traditionally, Microsoft’s Bing Ads have played second fiddle to Google AdWords. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The less attractive cousin that struggles to attract PPC suitors. However, the Bing Network (which powers ads for Yahoo, Amazon and AOL, as well as Bing) has rapidly extended its reach in recent times, achieving 9% of the … Continue reading "Are Bing Ads Finally Hitting Their Stride?"

SEO vs PPC – What to Invest In

Search engine optimisation or pay per click – which one should we invest in? This is one of most common questions I’m asked by potential clients. Interestingly, most of the new clients I meet are more enthusiastic towards SEO and don’t really fancy the idea of paying for each click to their website. This is … Continue reading "SEO vs PPC – What to Invest In"

Should You Pay Per Click To Advertise An AdSense Site?

AdSense and AdWords are two sides of the same coin. AdWords gives advertisers a means to drive targeted traffic to their site on a cost-per-click basis, and AdSense allows site owners to share that advertising revenue by hosting adverts on their websites (or video, apps, games etc). Traditional wisdom is just that: Adwords is for … Continue reading "Should You Pay Per Click To Advertise An AdSense Site?"