SEO Reporting in 2018 and Beyond – Experts’ Roundup

Hey, everyone! How’s the new year treating your marketing efforts so far? For us, it’s been quite busy behind the scenes with launching a redesigned AWR product – which, coincidentally (or not!) brings a new perspective to SEO reporting. The super-post you’re reading right now is a small project we started at the end of … Continue reading "SEO Reporting in 2018 and Beyond – Experts’ Roundup"

7 Uncommon Best Practices for the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) can be a huge boon for you as an advertiser if you know how to take advantage of it. There are plenty of articles out there about best practices for the GDN, but there are some things they don’t mention that I consider musts. 1. Use Mixed Targeting Adding two … Continue reading "7 Uncommon Best Practices for the Google Display Network"

YouTube Trends: Optimizing for the World’s Second Biggest Search Engine

Google Trends has been around for several years and has existed in different forms. On March 20th, YouTube’s trend manager Kevin Allocca announced that Google Trends had been updated to include YouTube searches going as far back as 2008. By searching a keyword in Google Trends and selecting the “Limit to YouTube Searches” option, a … Continue reading "YouTube Trends: Optimizing for the World’s Second Biggest Search Engine"

7 Don’ts To Do Well On Social Networks

More and more online businesses are using social networks to increase their online exposure, to increase sales or to increase their rankings (now that it’s confirmed the fact that social sharing is also correlated with search engine rankings). But, are these businesses getting any results? Is this method paying off or is it just a waste … Continue reading "7 Don’ts To Do Well On Social Networks"

Can Words Unblock Your Funnels?

Conversion rate optimization is about making your visitors interact more with your website and perfecting the process of converting them into customers or subscribers. It’s about emulating your website on your visitors behavior. It’s about anticipating what they think, what they need and what they desire, and give them just that. The first and the most … Continue reading "Can Words Unblock Your Funnels?"

7 Quick & Easy On-Page Optimization Tips

Have you ever landed on a website and just couldn’t figure out what to read first? Not because you can’t decide which from all the interesting things you should read first, but because you can’t focus on anything? I’m talking about those seas of letters and colors splashed over your computer screen. Have you read any … Continue reading "7 Quick & Easy On-Page Optimization Tips"

How to share projects with your coworkers

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development.  Picture a marketing agency which offers search engine optimization services… Luke uses Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise when managing his client’s search engine optimization and striving to improve their website ranking. But since the number of clients … Continue reading "How to share projects with your coworkers"